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Do we have to keep Salas??

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Do we have to keep Salas for 1 more season or We sell him the end of this season??

In my opinion, Lazio should sell him and get a decent Striker!!!

Forza Lazio
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Sell Salas only if one reliable striker is gonna be bought for the money (besides c. lopez)

Boksic, Ravanelli, Mancini are not at the top level. C. Lopez, Inzaghi are. Salas can be, but he is definetely no there at this moment.

Nextr season we need at least 3 goalscoring machines. Lopez, Inzaghi and Salas/Mr X.


Bobo please come back
Definitely NO !!! It's enough .... if he want to angry, it's his problem not ours ....
Eriksson, you'd better not afraid on him, you should more afraid on us (the fans) ....

Don't sell him ... but just throw him away ... I think no club want him .

FU<K salas !!!
All this blamed that is levelled at Salas is wrong. Chances didn't only fall to him and the fact is that the first leg was the problem. Salas will turn his form as soon as he gets a striking patner that will pass to him (not Inzaghi). Claudio Lopez is likely to do this.
I reckon Vieri would be good enough for Lazio next season.
Top Striker for next season..

Forza Lazio
Lazindo my friend, when I look up the word idiot in the dictionary, there is a picture of you beside it. Grab a brain. A guy is a proven goal scorer for the team, only in his second season in the toughest league in the world, he has a bit of a slump, and you want him thrown away??? Use that melon of yours will ya!!
I would say get rid of him..!!he was just a big waste of money..There are lots players out there with half of his cost and in pobably a better level...
Just want to say that I love Pierres list of possible strikers for Lazio. The man has understood what kind of player we need.

o.k sell him - next year play Inzaghi and see where that gets you.
Well I don't think that the market value of Salas is that high anymore. Lazio won't get what he once costed us so I would guess 10-12 millon $. We better keep him as a risky investment that could surprise us all next season but we defintely need to buy one of the player in Pierres list. My favorite of those is Crespo, less injuries and cheaper than Vieri if Parma lets him go, and they will for the right price.
Salas was great last year with Vieri ,if they sell him who is komming no bull **** i mean who is closest to Lazio today? Who is da man that Lazio will buy.And i think it will be no proble to sell Salas .

goose did you see Lazio v Perugia ? did you see how many god damn chances he miss ????

Maybe you looked up in wrong dictionary, cause in my dictionary I see your mom's ass ..... sh1t !! I fu<kin' angry now !!!!

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How about this one?
1-Christian Vieri
5-Massimiliano Vieri (could be a second Simone Inzaghi and he has a very high potential)
Ronaldinho could make an impact on this team
I'll take Owen, he's young, not selfish, and fast (if I not wrong he does 100m in 9,8 seconds).

Altough he got injury this season, now he's back and also scored in his first appereance.

But I don't know why some of you guys doesn't like player from England ?
when i were saying plz get rid of salas before time we will be sorry in having wsuch crap u all u all uall got angry and start it to say that i,m stupeid and foolish
now i wanna say give him another chance maby we can have the houner of playing in seria b
Owen is staying unfortunately for you and he has formed a great patnership with Heskey.
Trezeguet?? A French forward?? I don't know if he'll make it in Italy.
Salas should stay for your sake and I'm sure that if you did want to sell him there would be a lot of buyers.
Salas was very disapointing.
But show some respect for the guy and the player Lazindo. Just because he is having a bad moment lately doesn't mean he's not worth anything. It's easier to say "Salas could have scored here and there" when you're in front of your screen watching the game instead of being in his shoes.
If Juve makes a mistake and Salas scores and saves us in all of our 4 remaining games, you'll see the same people demanding his head right now say "Salas is the man!"

p.s_ Don't you think a lot of us would like to curse in this forum after our favorite team in the whole world didn't make it to the semi-final???? So stop using profanity. It won't qualify us.
i dont think that he is player to put our selves instead of him ..he really showed how much he worth
go and see his goals this season..u will laughe out load of such easy goals he scores and waste like them or maby more
wut he need more than veron and ndeved preapering the whole world for him to score and e just waste it over the post or giving it to the goalkeeper
we really dont need such crap
'Cause they're sh*t, and bigheaded. I should know! If you were English then you'll know what I mean.

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