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do we have packup for our players ?

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Alamyda to parma
Conciecao to parma
Stankovic + Salas will go to Barc. for Figo (if that happened)
Boksij to the Turkish leage

We just have Inzaghino as a backup for the attack and Ravanelli (sucks + old)

also in the midfield

what do you think ?
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You're exactly right. There'd be no QUALITY back-ups if that deal went down. You can name all the people you want but face it, there are none. Although I'd love to see salas play for barça next season. :)
Peruzzi - Marchegiani/Carini
***** - Gottardi
Nesta - Colonesse
Couto <-> Mihajlovic
Pancaro - Favalli/Pesaresi
Nedved <-> Zenden/Stankovic
Baronio <-> Simeone/Sensini
Veron - De La Pena
Lopez - Ravanelli
Crespo <-> Salas - Inzaghi

________________ Marchegiani/Carini ________________

_ Gottardi _ Colonesse _ Couto/Mihajlovic _ Favalli _

Stankovic _ Simeone/Sensini _ De La Pena _ Pesaresi

__________________ Inzaghi _ Ravanelli ______________

We've still got Attilio "Popeye" Lombardo, and the rest of "Young Eagles".
Well, still a great club, Frankly our reserve team still much even better than L**** or B******. :)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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