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Do u want Mihajlovic in Juventus ?

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What will u say if Mihajlovic joined Juventus ?
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Not really, because who'll take the free kicks.
Not in a million years...

Miha overdid himself defensively this season or perhaps Nesta and Couto made him look good.
He has nothing to offer us, I don't like his personality (did you see Yugo against Slovenia :(), and his best years are behind him.

There's really no point in talking about this though.

atleast you´d have someone that could score and someone with skill in defense.

Juve has the most stale and static defense and just looking through the pages of the last soccer world Miha was elected into the starting 11 of all european soccermags including Gazzetta.

Miha had a terrible game and if you look at his defending then you´ll see that he´s not very good against speedy attackers but the Batistutas and Vieris have a hard time getting past him and with his amazing Corners and freekicks you´d be seeing things in a different light. Remember this Miha is behind 30% of all Lazio goals, that´s 30% !!! With the highest accuracy of all freekick takers and most goals scored in Serie A on freekicks I think you´d be happy to replace lulliano with Miha.

By the way the same lulliano who sucked more then any italian player ( maybe Inzaghi sucked more .. or Albertini ) in the game against Belgium.

Forza Lazio !!
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Svennis,do us and yourself a favor and get back to your old good before-scudetto self.

a) Miha is great at taking corners,exelent at taking free kicks but he cant tackle or head to save his soul,let alone mark...

b) Iuliano was great against Belgium.(Inzaghi was by far the worst) he didnt make any mistakes and his efforts were clean,hard and on time.Decent player.

c) if miha is soooooooo good why do you want to sell him? (next to his name in the Lazio forum you have a bracket with a "please sell" me...

d) I want to make known that if Agneli is stupid enough to buy Miha,I will sent an e-mail to Tanzi and ordwer him to buy Iuliano.:D

I wish I was Parma's trasnfer manager...
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Thank you AMO :)-in perfect understanding about Rui Costa- but we have Zizou, so you can have him.

Svennis; Note that I made a point of specifying that Miha was great with Lazio last season. Sure Juve's defence is static, but that's a matter of strategy. If we used our wings better it would be all fine, as the back 3 is rock solid in defence and that's all they should do. Lazio play with 4 man in defence and that means wing backs who have an obligation to go forward.
I don't understand what you're on about with Iuliano. Like Amoroso I thought he executed his task perfectly well against both the Turks and Belgium. Yesterday he had a better game than Nesta in my opinion- not saying that he can otherwise be compared to the great Lazio player.
Miha in Juve's system would be horribly exposed and we have competent guys to take corners and free kicks as it is.

Miha can stay with Lazio- and deterioate....:).

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I expected better from Mihajlovic...

Sure, we all know he's got a huge temper, but to do what he did is just RIDICULOUS!!! First, he had the nerve to complain to the ref when he got called for lashing out at his opponent (first yellow), THEN he came into a situation that didn't even concern him and pushed another opponent!!! It is almost as if he gave up and WANTED to get a red card after he gave the ball straight to Zahovic :eek: and let him score. :D What a FOOL!!!

I never really liked Miha because of his ATTITUDE, but I never thought that he would jeopardize his country's hopes in such an important tournament by acting like such a jack-ass. Needless to say, I wouldn't want him in Juve... not for ANYTHING!!!

And by the way, Iuliano (and the WHOLE Italian defense) has been doing FINE in the Euro. I think that only conceding one goal in two games is testament to that. How many goals did Yugoslavia concede? And who was the one to give the ball away? Yeah, IULIANO is the one that has been sucking... :rolleyes:
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and NO
Serious, I love Mili. He is great. I loved him at Sampdoria and I would love him at Juve. Sure he would struggle to fit in perfectly because our defence is great but he can also play in the midfield. If the price was right, yeah, straight away.
Amo the sell me bracket is only there because he´s worth so much at this moment - nothing else.

Lazio have Veron to take freekicks and soon Lopez and possibly Figo, I don´t think we need Mihajlovic to do that in the future but there is no one better.

I am my old before Scudetto self but you have to realise that Mihajlovic is considered by Collective magazines around europe as one of the best defenders and there is no mention of luliano anywhere - he´s ordinary, he´s like a monday = happens once a week.

Looking at Gazzettas march team: Dudek ( goalie ) Angloma, Mihajlovic, Abeldardo, Maldini, Keane, Figo, Veron, Gabri, S Inzaghi and Raul. The only Juve player to be picked by any magazine was Zambrotta. ( this is the march edition ).

Glen you are happy enough with the way luliano plays but for me he represents the ancient type of defender who is only good at marking a player when he doesn´t possess the ball :)

Today when teams are more evenly matched then ever you have to have players that can break the mould and in defense Juventus doesn´t have one single player that can - not one !!

In midfield Davids is great but as soon as he gets close to the penalty area he does a 180. Zambrotta is great and Zidane is great but the rest are just machines coded to destroy the opponents game.

Ok enough of that :)

I was wrong about Viera he plays great at the moment against Czechs and I think that is going to ask for a move away from Arsenal because it´s quite clear that he doesn´t belong in PL - he´s way to technical and south american to play in cold england.

Nedved is amazing !!! just look at him :) man I want more czech players in Lazio and I hope Cragnotti is watching the Czech games !!!

I wonder who´s more happy - Juve for selling Henry for 11$ :) he´s gotta be worth 2x that now or Parma for selling Fiore for 7$ :) sorry guys had to
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Svennis,you dont really believe your last post and you certainly dont expect us to believe it...You say "sell Miha" because he is worth so much and nothing else? please...

I dont care if any magazines consider Miha among the best defenders in the world,many magazines conmsider Inzaghi among the best strikers in the world...and you dont really expect to take seriusly a line up with Inzaghino and Abelardo in! lets be serius...

You know very well that you are wrong on Mihajlovic,he is a great set piece taker and an average defender turning to bad so dont try to convince us and your own self about something you dont believe either...
Svennis, I agree with your 100 percent turnaround. ;)

Miha is a very good offensive player and a decent defensive player. His attitude is sometimes bad, but besides that one stupid send off he has been alright in Lazio. Let's replace Mihajlovic with Iuliano and we might allow a few less goals, but we would score at lest 10-15 goals less. He's THAT important to our offense, and that's not just free kicks. He's great in starting the play, best defender in the world at that. There's nobody I'd rather have as Nesta's partner in our central defense. Not even Thuram or Cannavaro.

And there's no way he would leave Lazio.
Ok,Mihajlovic is the best defender in the world.Happy now? if you say it many times every day you may start to believe it after all...

Great assist to Zahovic.
Amo you are starting to piss me off big time !!

Ok according to you Fuser is a superb pick and Zambrotta was a better left winger then Nedved this season. Too often you tell Lazio fans to be objectiv and pick players outside of our squad as " best of the season " but fact remains that Nedved was the best left midfielder of the season and right now he has been burning up the field in EC2000.

Fuser is long forgotten.

Zambrotta hasn´t fired a shot at goal so far !!

If you read my posts and I know you do then you know that I try to look at other teams before I look at Lazio - this season no other team could touch Lazio when it came to creativity from defence and midfield.

Look at Parma !!! Last season Parma played a game which could attract all kinds of fans but the 99/00 season was so terrible I would not pick any parma player in any lineup !! and neither did any magazine !!! I know that in this forum there are atleast 19488303.3948 coaches who would pick 394849302.d94339 different " best of 11s " but fact remains:

out of some 9 magazines 6 chose Mihajlovic as a central defender !!!

I don´t expect you to understand but for the Lazio fan it´s wonderful to have a defender that can score 9 goals in a season in serie A - not from the penalty spot !!

DiVaio will never become a CL player and the same goes for Vanoli and the rest of the Parma midfield. Truth is that Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram and Crespo - that´s 4 out of eleven are the only players worth a dime in europe !!!

You tell me to get back to the way I was before Lazio won Lo Scudetto - here´s me telling you that I was down to earth then and I´m still down to earth. I belive that Mihajlovic is extremely great and I think that he would be a superb defender if he played in PL because he can not really handle speed. In the PL there are alot of static play and for that he would be amazing !! I think that there are clubs in the PL that would pay huge amounts of money for Mihajlovic and since Lazio has such a skilled midfield we don´t really need Mihas freekicks in Serie A.

However when we face the Chelseas and Arsenals of Europe and they put their main game on defense there is no better player to have then Mihajlovic.

I will never try to downsize Mihas contribution to our game because no man can - I know that you don´t feel or see our games the way I do but if you have ever seen a Miha corner then you know that it´s 29x more dangerous then when fiore or totti hits it !!!

Now please tell me that such a player is not supreme !!

On the downside Mihajlovic seems to lack IQ :) honestly the guy seems to be stupid :) I mean sign a paper in public before reading it ?!?!?! how stupid is that !!!

Cheer for the flag of Arkan in public !!!!????????? :( :( he´s not my type of player in that sense.

I had the sell me bracket because I think that in this stage - with no serious ballwinner on midfield ( almeyda ) we should really try to have a solid lock on midfield and in Serie A Miha isn´t the guy to have behind a midfield of: Nedved - Veron - Baronio - Conceciao / Figo whoever.
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WHEN did I say that Zambrotta is better thna Nedved? WHEN? Because I have NEVER said that and I will never will...please feel free to search my posts but you'll find nothing again like this.Dont put words in my mouth...:mad:

But we are not talking about Parma here.If you want to talk about Parma open a new topic and we will.And I would say as well that Vanoli and Di Vaio are nothing special.As for Fuser,I think Diego's performances speak for me...he is better than Sergio Conseisao anyway...Boghossian is also world class but I dont expect you to see it since I cant really have an understanting with people who fail to see anything good on Fuser...probably you say these things because you are mad since you cant prove Miha's "greatness".

Still,you critisized Miha many times this season and you know it...so I still dont get this "sell me" thing.You have Simeone as a ball winner and he was the man who took Almeyda's position...so why sell the man who provides you with so much brilliance...please explain...

Finally,I dont care about mags.Ask as many people as you want and noone will even consider Miha in the ideal 11.Only if he is a harcore Lazio fan or Yugoslavian.And I complained only once about this "ideal 11" thing to Emir who put S.Inzaghi in his CL ideal 11.Even Emir admited that this was biased...:)

PS.What was the meaning of your post? you bashed me,Fuser and Parma to prove that miha is the best? really good thinking...:rolleyes:
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And I never said anything about Miha's contribution to Lazio's attack.Check my previus posts I always say that he takes the best free kicks and corners...I just feel that the risk to have an average defender is too big to take even if you loose a great part of your offencive game.Apparently,Eriksson and you dont feel the same and thats fine! still this does not include miha in the best DEFENDERS in the world.Great player yes,DEFENDER NO!
Amo, talk about putting words into someone's mouth, when did I say that Miha is the best defender in the world? I said he's the best defenseman in creating offense. Can you challenge me in that? And with one of the best defenders in DEFENDING in Nesta we have a great defensive tandem for next season. Miha definitely is responsible for some goals scored against Lazio, but his offensive upside more than makes up for this. If we played three-man defense, Miha would be too big a defensive liability but with the four man defense he fits in very well. A player like Cannavaro is better defender than Mihajlovic, but in football it's always about finding the right players to play the right position. And to me, Sinisa Mihajlovic is the optimal choice for Nesta's partner.

Svennis, I hate to attack an other Lazio fan in Juve forum, but you have been saying ever since I've been here that Sinisa should be sold. If I remember correctly you have suggested even Rio Ferdinand as the replacement. If you don't think Miha is good enough for us, please don't say that in other forums. Th
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Calm down guys :). Noone can claim to be absolutely rational when it comes down to teamcolours.

Svennis; I know and understand your motivation for liking Miha, but I'll stick to what I've said previously. He doesn't fit a 3 man defence. That's the primary reason. Apart from that I really dislike the player, so I would never sing his praises apart from that left foot cracker he has.

Nedved was the best left wing this season (although he's more of a central midfielder), Candela was number two and Pessotto is only good for defence. It's correct that Davids doens't score as often as his talent suggests he should, but I don't like that you brand Conte a destroyer only. He has many other qualities than fighting spirit.
Tacchinardi fit's that description, but you need some of those as well.

We all have preferences and I disagree with you guys on a number of things. Svennis always say that Lazio's wingbacks are great, while I see them as average players tops.

AMO compares Fuser's creativity and skill with Zidane and generally thinks the world of him. He's a good player for sure, but I think Zambrotta is better. I haven't seen Fuser play one good game against any of the topteams this season while he has had a field day against the minnows.

I point out that both Pippo and Pessotto are valuable players and that we shouldn't sell them (Pippo can go if we get Vieri, Crespo or Henry back :(), which to some of you might sound strange considering the barrage of abuse they're made to endure from most others.

Let's just debate those things- you guys don't have to pick a fight here.

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