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Djenic to Bayern ?!

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There was news here in Germany, that Bayern München intends to buy Petar Djenic of Radnicki Nis. He was there today at the first training of the season and it looks very likely that Bayern will buy him.

I don`t know Djenic, but if Bayern wants him he cannot be that bad. I heard he is a defender and about 25 or so. Has he played for Yugoslavia yet ? Is he someone, who can make our defence like better in 2002 ?
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I heard the same news too, but i don't believe that it's going to happen. Yugoslavia's defence ? Hmmm, you got me there. I think we have some BIG problems coming :mad::mad:
Belgrade independent daily "Glas javnosti" (www.glas-javnosti.co.yu) reports today that Petar Djenic is about to sign with Bayern M. No details about the transfer fee. It is mentioned that other clubs, including domestic Red Star and Partizan and foreign Lyon, Aris, Legia Warsaw, have been interested in this player.

Djenic is defender(right or left back?). He played for the Yugoslav U-23 team. He has never played for the senior national team.
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