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Div 1 play-offs - pp19

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Okay, my question is, who do you think will win that third spot. Of course, I would love Millwall to go up, although we would go straight back down with West Brom, but I do think it will be a Birmingham v Wolves final with Wolves winning it. Your thoughts please.

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The canaries! (I hope)
We will have to beat Wolves on Sunday and keep a clean sheet to have a chance at Moleneaux. Obviously I hope for 3-0, but I think we could win the tie with a 2-0 result at Carrow Road. Away form has improved lately and will be a tight, tense 2nd leg on Wednesday.
If we get to Cardiff we will most probably be beaten, it doesn't matter if its Millwall or Brum, we lost 4-0 to both of them!:mad: :D :( :confused:
Cheers NOLU.

I think I might turn my allegiencies to Norwich in the PO's now !

Do I put PP 2B????
He He? Thanks for the nomination mate even if it fell on deaf ears!

What did you think of Brady's comments ?
Norwich finally got themselves into contention and made the play-offs after years of trying. I must say well done to them.

Still, it's likely Wolves or Birmingham will come up... two Midlands teams coming up makes up for the loss of two.
would like to see wolves move up, but the way they have messed up things since march, don't think they will
Wolves v Norwich will be a tough one to call but I think will win it in the home leg

the two form teams of the play offs Millwall v Blues is a lot more debateable. Whoever wins this one will go up IMO.
If Millwall can hold Blues at St. Andrews they'll go up.
I didn't read her comments but was told she asked for Millwall fans to stay away and I guess likewise for the second leg when they come to us. I suppose they'll try anything to get promoted this season seeing that they have failed 3-4 times.

Glad to see the ITV crew here. With the Xtratime guys here too, we should have some decent debates.
First Hi to all those new posters! :) :happy: :star:

As for the playoffs my heart is with Millwall while my mind is with Wolves. :D

Wolves were by far the best of those 4 teams in the regular season but of course in two-leg-affairs a lot can happen. A sending-off f.e. can decide a whole season.

In terms of strength i would order the 4 teams this way:
1. Wolves
2. Millwall
3. Birmingham
4. Norwich

But that does not automatically mean Norwich can't go up. :) Like i said: it now very much depends on luck and having a good day. :)

Hope you agree. :D :)

Rod :D
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Birmingham vs Millwall, plus Stoke vs Cardiff in Div. 2 are security nightmares :eek:
NOLU: 'ello mate!

I have a feeling that Norwich may scrape through against Wolves as I fear that Wolves may have lost a bit of self-belief after losing such a good lead to WBA and mentally they may struggle. Norwich are probably in better form and I think they could spring a surprise.

Millwall made a good signing in Dublin and seem to have a good team, however Birmingham are strong and have the resources of a premiership club and in Steve Bruce they have a good manager.

On paper you would have to fancy a Wolves vs B'Ham final, but I fancy B'Ham to beat the Canaries by the odd goal in the final.

Are you planning on making the trip to B'Ham or are you heeding Karen Brady's warning that you're not welcome ?
Hi FW,

No I won't be going to Brum but I will be looking to get a ticket for the home leg. On paper I would say the final would be between Wolves and Brum but were coming good right now and I fancy us to beat Brum. A draw followed by a home win in the second leg.

I'll tell you my predictions when we get to Cardiff(with most of the UK police force there too).
Norwich's most classy and influencial attacking playmaker Phil Mulryne now all of a sudden, wants to stay! I wonder why?
He rejected a "substancial" contract offer a couple of months ago and was linked with a bosman move to Ipswich!
With Ipswich going down (almost a dead cert now) I don't blame him!
But still I believe he will only sign a new contract if we do go up. It would be funny though if we do get to the promised land and Norwich don't offer him a new deal. He could still end up in Divy 1!
So much for loyalty!:tongue: :) :irritate:frustrat: :ass:
I hope that Wolves dont go up as they will be the bain of all current Prem teams when they come on their travels.

Millwall have a bad rep, but it aint nothing compared to the savages at Wolves. They are detested in the 1st div by most teams, they are brash and arrogant, and ruddy stupid(no offence mate).
This is the end of season form table
Norwich looking the best.

Pos Team W D L F A GD Pts Index Sequence
1 West Bromwich Albion 7 1 0 16 3 13 22 41% WWWWWDWW
2 Manchester City 6 1 1 19 6 13 19 43% WLDWWWWW
3 Norwich City 5 2 1 10 4 6 17 45% LWDWWDWW
4 Birmingham City 4 4 0 14 5 9 16 46% WDWDDWDW
5 Walsall 4 3 1 12 10 2 15 34% DWLDWWWD
6 Preston North End 4 1 3 14 9 5 13 41% LDWWLWLW
7 Millwall 4 1 3 11 7 4 13 41% LLLWDWWW
8 Gillingham 4 1 3 11 11 0 13 56% WLWDWLLW
9 Grimsby Town 3 3 2 14 13 1 12 66% DWWLDDWL
10 Wimbledon 4 0 4 10 11 -1 12 31% WLWWWLLL
11 Burnley 3 2 3 10 12 -2 11 53% WDLLDWLW
12 Bradford City 2 4 2 8 7 1 10 56% DDWDLWLD
13 Sheffield United 3 1 4 11 11 0 10 61% LWWDLWLL
14 Watford 3 1 4 9 10 -1 10 43% WWLDLLWL
15 Sheffield Wednesday 2 4 2 7 9 -2 10 52% DWDWDLLD
16 Barnsley 3 1 4 9 14 -5 10 64% DLWLWLLW
17 Wolverhampton 2 3 3 8 10 -2 9 63% DLDWLLWD
18 Stockport County 3 0 5 8 14 -6 9 59% LWLLWLWL
19 Crystal Palace 2 2 4 5 7 -2 8 62% LLWLDDWL
20 Crewe Alexandra 1 3 4 8 14 -6 6 57% LDLLDLDW
21 Rotherham United 0 5 3 6 10 -4 5 66% LDDLDDDL
22 Nottingham Forest 1 2 5 8 14 -6 5 52% DLLLLWDL
23 Portsmouth 0 4 4 5 11 -6 4 60% LDDLDDLL
24 Coventry City 1 1 6 4 14 -10 4 69% WLDLLLLL

anyone tell me how to set this in fixed font?
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Cheers mate. I think that form guide will go right out the window.
Cheers for the form table that actualy makes Norwich look good!:)
Worthington said that the pressure is really on Wolves and not Norwich.
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