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Juventus star players Edgar Davids and Sunday Oliseh were racially abused throughout their match with Verona at the weekend. Certain areas of the crowd booed every time either of the players touched the ball and Davids hit back at the mindless supporters after the match.

‘They’re just ignorant and are a disgrace, not only to football, but to all mankind,’ the Dutchman stated. ‘I believe that the main cause of this is lack of education and the absence of a family with strong values that should have taught them respect in their childhood. You simply cannot judge a person by the colour of their skin.’ A similar event happened on the same day when Venezia’s players N’gotty and Bilica suffered a torrent of racial abuse during their match away at Lazio.

So that's why he was so mad on Sunday. :(
I was wondering why Verona fans were booing him all the time..
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