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I would like to tell you about my experience. In march 2002 I had a
chance to see the Toronto Lynx try-out.
After feeling out an application and paying $50 anybody
could ,participate.,
So there were at about 60 excited players. Some talented ones and
some not that great.
The try-out were indoor's for players and goalies also. The try-outs
were scheduled for 2 days 2 hours for each day.
After first day only 30 lucky players and goalies were called back
for second day.
Second day surprise the try-out is indoor's again, even for the
goalies .The Lynx coach Peter Pinizzotto try-out was there both day
but his attention was very scattered not too much attention on the
A few players performed very well including some goalies. At the end
of the second day at the try-out the coach Peter Pinizzotto just
remembered that they don't need new players and goalies because
their season starts in two weeks and there is no time and space for
new players to add.
I have a few questions.
To play 2 hours of soccer and you pay $50 dollars for it is a
reasonable thing?
If a team doesn't need new players why to ask for try out fee?
For an outdoor sport how do you analyze an only indoor performance?
Can goalies be tried out in indoor goals? I know the true answer is
no but challenge me on this. I'm actively involved in European
professional soccer and I'm positively sure that is not the right
way of promoting Canadian soccer.
Conclusion: unfortunately this was a disgrace of Canadian soccer try-
out. All those participants were puzzled by this left with source
taste in their mouths sad face and they don't want to hear about
Toronto Lynx ever again.
Could I have your in put or coloration on this?
I look forward to hear from you soon.


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I sympathize with Mr. David Smith, i feel that if a club is suppose to be professional that it must act professional. These kind of small things tend to hurt an entity like a sport clubs and i think they should be carefull in the future.

I guess that next time they should just hold a $50 dollar cost for 2 day-2 hour clinic and hopefully if they see someone good, they call him back for free! :)

How much do the average A-leauger gets paid?

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that is simply another example of poor canadian soccer development.....if anyone out there is young and talented, i suggest and encourage you to take a chance and go to europe and try out for a regional team...just as i have friends who went to portugal and took a chance you too should try...i myself am old at 29 and missed the boat of playing professional football, but looking back i wish i took the chance when I was 16 or 17, perhaps i could live a comfortable life playing second division in portugal....it's sad to see that the country i was born in has no outlet for competative soccer....i've played with guys who play in the A league and I tell you what....there are better out there, but because you have coaches set in their ways and their teams these talented young guys here will never get the opportunity to develop and therefore Canada will always be happy to be top 100 countries in the world...very sad but true

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To answer your question seriously, if they are playing a team relatively close by they will bus it. If it's a long trip they will fly. A club like El Paso has to fly to all of their games, Vancouver has to fly to most as well.

Last season Vancouver had a game in El Paso, flew out the next morning, played again that night in Vancouver (not a short flight by the way) and still beat the team they were playing that night quite handily.

As for players salary there are those that get a good wage for the level they are playing at (Charleston and Rochester players to be sure) and you have to remember they are only playing for half the year the contracts aren't year round. The players can then sign to indoor teams, or try to catch on with a club somewhere else in the world, run soccer camps, or even deliver pizzas the rest of the year to make ends meet.
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