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red star tied with sutjeska today 0 - 0 ...
it's a little bit more worrying for the title because zvezda seems to have more problems to score than archrivals partizan...

what you supporters of both clubs think ?
does zvezda really has offensive and scoring problems ?
is it because of their strikers lack of inefficiency ? or a general tactical problem ? why don't we see more bogavac and pjanovic ?


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I already mentioned this on plavi-fans.
It has been going on for a few years now, and while I didn't mind it that much under Muslin because at least we were winning (mostly 1:0, mind you :rolleyes: ), now it is costing us points.
I can't really explain it, but I know that I can't remember the last time we beat somebody 5:0 for example, I guess the last time that happened was the Stankovic-Ognjenovic generation..

I'm not sure the strikers are the problem, I mean yes, they tend to miss quite a few chances sometimes, but in the end they are good strikers (at least in our league) - Drulic, Pjanovic, Jelic, Bogavac are all capable of scoring..

I think the problems could be tactical, but more likely lack of creativity in our midfield, we don't have a Dejo or Piksi there anymore, not even a Stankovic..:(

In '91, Pancev and Binic weren't exactly world class strikers, but with the midfield they had, they could score against anybody because the chances just kept on coming, now it is a different story - Gvozdenovic, Boskovic, Lerinc aren't what you would call 'a la Piksi' players..
Acimovic sometimes shows some flare, Markovic has a nice cross, but that is far from enough...

Well, that is my opinion anyway...

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Lista strelaca (after 25 rounds)

17 - Ðuraškoviæ (Mladost L.)
13 - Mladenoviæ (Obiliæ)
11 - Živkoviæ (Zvezdara), S. Iliæ (Partizan)
10 - Vukiæ (Partizan), Batroviæ (Zeta), Stolica (Zemun)
9 - Pjanoviæ (C. zvezda), Mirosavljeviæ (Sartid)
8 - Delibašiæ (Partizan), Diviæ (OFK Beograd), Filipoviæ (Obiliæ), Jeliæ (C.zvezda), Šimièiæ, (Zvezdara), Bogdanoviæ (Vojvodina), Mijailoviæ (Hajduk Rodiæ MB)
7 - Mileta (Èukarièki Stankom), Aæimoviæ, (C.zvezda), Nikoliæ (Rad), Vujoševic (Obiliæ), Kolakoviæ (OFK Beograd), Ðurièiæ (Radnièki K)
6 - D.Bogavac (C.zvezda), Æiriæ (Mladost A.), Mudriniæ (Sartid), Raðenoviæ (Železnik), Krstevski (Sutjeska), Buziæ, Mešter (Hajduk Rodiæ MB), Lazoviæ, Beèanoviæ (Partizan)
5 - Krivokapiæ, Jovanoviæ (Vojvodina), Majstoroviæ (Železnik)

Pjanovic 9, Jelic 8,Simicic 8, Acimovic 7...

But if you take a look, there is no scorer that "rules" the league anymore. PArtisan, the highest scoring team so far, does not have a prolific scorer either. It's a team work.

btw. Anyone know this guy Djuraskovic? Out of 28 goals Mladost L scored, he scored 17. That is not bad.

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it's strange somehow to see that there's no topscorer from partizan or zvezda !
the best strikers in yugoslavia who pjanovic, bogavac, lazovic, delibasic are not the top scorers. it's worrying... i don't if they were injured a large part of the season ( because i can't really follow the yugo league from where i live ) but it's worrying i think.
even though it is often that a player from a average club shines more easily than a striker from a top-flight team.
it's more difficult to score for top flight team strikers because they draw the defenders attention all the time and they take care of them with more energy so it's more difficult for them to score.
look at hubner in italy from piacenza, it's a striking example.
he's the calcio top scorer in a mediocre team.

at partizan the offensive midfielders seem to score more than the strikers : ilic, vukic ( and ivic probably if he has not been injured so much time ) are beyond becanovic, lazovic and delibasic. not far beyond but beyond ! partizan offensive midfielders seem to be more creative and - sorry to say that ;) - more talented or simply more offensive than zvezda's : lerinc, gvozdenovic, brnovic too i think, are what i call "true midfielders", with a balance of defensive and organization abilities, and some offensive.
it's a kind of dying specie : tommasi, pires, scholes, guardiola for me are this type of player : not exclusively defensive, not really offensive, but in the middle and doing all that in a game.

but i think it's still muslin's legacy , who appreciate well organized team with an emphasize on defending and tactical positioning, winning games 1-0.
boskovic seems to be more (exclusively) offensive as far as i know. that's why he has savicevic's favours. he has tried to make milan ac engage him, hasn't he ?
i think it's really a tactical problem cause zvezda lacks offensive creative midfielders like dejo or piksi.
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