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Arsene Wenger today expressed his dismay at the Premier League's refusal to help Arsenal's bid to win the UEFA Cup.

Arsenal wanted their final league game at Newcastle brought forward to provide valuable additional preparation time for the clash with Galatasaray on 17 May. But the request was rejected, to the annoyance of the Highbury manager.

'I thought they would help us,' said Wenger.

'To have moved the game forward would have been no advantage to us. Instead of a few days more to get ready to play in Copenhagen, we now have two weeks when we will have to play every three days.

Sometimes just an extra 24 hours can be valuable when preparing for a big game. Small knocks and bruises can heal.

'We are the only English club to reach a European final this season and that is why I asked them to help us. I am disappointed. I thought there might be a chance they would help us.'

Wenger is also unhappy about the series of international friendlies this week that meant several of his players were in action all over Europe.

Also two key players have come back with injuries that make them doubtful for the match against Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Top scorer Thierry Henry has a hamstring injury and Patrick Vieira a slight ankle injury.

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didn't you like what i wrote....
but it's true,wenger is an very bad coach
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