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Dinamo Zagreb...

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..are champions for the fifth time in a row after they won against Rjeka by 2-0, and kept the distance to Hajduk 9 pts.
Yet Hajduk leads for the cup- 2-0 in the first match of the final. Besides, the match that has to be held for the cup there is one more between these teams, and I hope the fans won't cause troubles (at least not much).
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Great year for the Dinamo clubs!! Officially Dinamo Bucuresti & Zagreb have clinched it. While Dynamo Kyiv is destined to win it no matter what. :)

Anyone know any other Dinamo's doing well?
Yeah, I'm pretty happy about that. I just hope we do better in the CL this year. We didn't play bad this year, but just couldn't win.

I watch all of our games, and I thought we played good, but I think the Marseille game in Zagreb was what killed us. We really should have won that game, and I think it hurt the team mentally when we lost.

Nevermind playing well next year, I just hope we qualify. We got lucky the last few years drawing MTK Budapest and Celtic in the qualifying round. Hopefully our luck continues. God forbid we should have to face Milan or Inter. I hate to be a pessimist, but that'll basically crush our hopes. :(
Yeah EclipsE, and Dinamo Moskow should be tried for a champion. Yet, Levski was also named Dinamo for a period of time, and we are forward to the title. It would be decided this Saturday in a match against CSKA.
Ivo, Hajduk is also in the qualifying round, right (in the second phase I think)? I wish you luck for the qualifications. ;) You can make it.
Heh, for the sake of more Eastern teams in the CL next year.. I hope Dinamo Bucuresti/Zagreb don't fall with Levski or vice versa. :)

And IVO, at least Croatia's clubs qualified for the group stages the past years. No Romania clubs have been there for a couple of years now. :(
EclipsE don't you feel we've got to make a Balkan league for our proffesional teams. Thus, we'll be prevented from these painfull qualifications since we might run into Milan or Arsenal, or whoever knos who.
Thanks for the good luck wishing giani_82 same to Levski.

I think the a Balkan championship would be great. The way it is now, we all just want to qualify for the CL for the extra cash flow. It's not a lot of money, but it is for us. We don't go there expecting to win, that's for sure. This makes it sort of uninteresting.

At least with a Balkan cup, we'd all stand a chance at winning it :)
I agree with you giani_82 and IVO, most of the time Balkan clubs don't make it out of the qualifying stages of CL. I think a mini Balkan qualifying tournment would be a great idea. CL is one of the best ways to generate money, not only because it's just another home game or two, but also because of TV coverage.
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