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Diego Tristan is our newest player

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According to Marca Digital ( http://www.marca.es ) and Diario As ( http://www.diario-as.es ) Mallorca's forward Diego Tristan will sign for Real Madrid within the next few hours. The transfer will cost the club 2.500 mil. ptas + Eto'o, while the player will sign a 5 year contract.

This will be the 2nd transfer made by the temporary Real Madrid Administration (after Munitis), and has the full agreement of the Technical Group, according to Pirri's statement.

P.S. The italian Fiorentina had also been on the chase of the player.
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This would be an interesting sign and I believe would take care of a non-EU spot (or does Eto'o have Spanish nationality?)
If I'm not mistaken, he has Cameroonian nationality... :)
then roll with it.... :) We get a Spanish player, who if he does play, would definitely help his chances of making la Seleccion. :)
Oh my gooooooodddddddd. Do you know peope why you are saying what you are saying? Well, I'll tell you - you have not seen Eto'o play in Mallorca last season. he was brilliant, no in fact that word is not good enough. IMO he was simply the best player of La Liga for the second part of the season. he simply tore apart every team single hadedly, including Barcelona. I cannot believe del Bosque will not give him a chance, because he is due to get the spanish passport any time now...this is big shock and as much as I like DIego Tristan, he is really nowhere near to Eto'os class. really, Samuel has all the ingredients to once become World Footballer of the year. Now if it were up to me, I'd try to loan him now somwhere outside of Spain, that is legal, I mean we simply cannot let this guy go, or we will live to regret it in some 2 years. Mark my words people, if we sell him today, he will once be the star of Barcelona...:mad:
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If we manage to keep a strong team going, then the departure of Eto'o shouldn't come back to haunt us. I stand by opinion of keeping more Spaniards in the league and in particular at Real. :)

Also, once Tristan is signed, I guess Anelka is 100% gone. Does anyone disagree?
Anelka's gone. Where though remains unclear. It depends on the club elections result.
Sheesh Labas, no one can exaggerate as sensationally as you can! (World Footballer of the Year! Ha!) :) Eto'o did great at Mallorca, that's all. What happens from then is something no one can predict. I was kinda hoping that either Eto'o or Congo do well in preseason so we don't have to spend a cent on Anelka's replacement, but since whoever is in charge can't seem to fight the urge to buy!buy!buy!... I'd rather that we get Tristan instead of that prick Milosevic. Tristan, at least is Spanish, reasonably priced and is actually very talented (18 goals + 6 assists in La Liga). If he does come, I reckon he'll give Morientes a solid challenge for the center-forward spot.

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Finally he comes. I thought that Real was becoming blind. To let such a class player in Mallorca is really unbelievable.
Now do you think Del Bosque likes him. Will he play Tristan and in which formation: 2 forwards with Raul behind them or just Raul and Morientes or Tristan?
I for one, would prefer a format of Raul and Mori/Tristan up forward rather than Raul behind them and both of them in. I've always thought that a part of Raul's talent is wasted when he is moved a bit backward to the Midfield, both in Real Madrid and the Spanish National.
I am exategarating? I ask you dwMB, have you seen him play down there on the Philipines:)? This guy tore apart barca singlehandedly some 3 months ago. He is a bomb, an absolute genious, we will kick ourselves if we sell him, I guarantee it. Tristan is a great player, I like him very much, but like someone pointed out, we could've given them anyone, some Canabal dork or others... Samuel Eto'o is a huge talent and selling him would be suicide. Nothing has yet been confirmed, so I still have hope this was just a rumor:D
i agree with labas that eto'o can be a world class player and i watches that mallorca-barca game live.eto'o was brilliant.
but there is good news for you labas tristan will only come to madrid if sanz gets elected and eto'o will not be mallorca property forever he is going on a loan.

visit: http://www.SoccerAGE.com/en/13/27561.html
That's impossible, because as someone pointed out, a player cannot be loaned out three consecutive years. Unless of course he goes abroad? Still, I think Sanz's chances are slim, so let's not get all happy here:)
it can be a co-ownership deal like inter milan has done with ventola(last season) and now adrian mutu.
Tell me more...how does this double ownership shi* work? I wouldn't want to share Eto'o, but it's better than nothing:D
Sanz's chances are slim? I think only people on Xtratime have bought into Perez's crap :D :D :D :D We shall see on Sunday. :)

PS: Guys, just because I want Sanz to win doesn't mean I don't want to see changes at the club! There's a lot of things that need to change. I just don't trust the other guy for them.
Yes, labas, I've seen Eto'o play including the one against Barca and my stand remains that your praises for him were a tad too flowery. :) Just reread your post and you'll see what I mean. :)

Pablo, you might be right. According to an anrticle I just read (I'm not sure right now from where), Sanz is still the favorite to win.

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It probably is AS (no wonder anyway) since Marca is running an online poll for about a month now in which Florentino is ahead with round 65% and Sanz only 35%. ( http://www.marca.es/futbol/eleccionesmadrid00/ )
I retraced my footsteps and found the article that says Sanz is the favorite in http://www.futvol.com The complete URL is very long but the story is headlined "Florentino Pérez pagará el lunes la cláusula de Figo." Whether or not this site is partial to Sanz I do not know.

Also another option that Real Madrid could take with regards to Eto'o is include him in the deal for Tristan add a repurchase option. I don't know if it's legal but can we put the repurchase price at say 1 peseta? That's as good as loaning him! :)
Come on dwMB! Think logically, Mallorca aren't gonna do us any favors! They probably want Eto'o as much as I do:D The know he's greast, so does del Bosque, only Sanz is acting like the buthole again interfiering and making business out of everything he can:mad: I guess we have to wait for developments on this story...:D
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