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DiBiagio although responsible for Sweden's equalizer today played a decent game.

He is definately judging on last season one of our best and most dedicated players. We might end up giving Vieri away to get Salas and Baronio (bearing inmind i think this is ridiculous)

If we do this it would be exciting to see Baronio and DiBiagio in midfield together. Two of the most positive midfielders in Italy. Positive meaning they are not like Albertini who is also technically gifted but prefers to sit back instead of being more agressive.

Anyway to my disbelief Albertini is having an outstanding Euro2000......i'm very much egg-faced about Demetrio.....

Anyway if anyone here thinks DiBiagio should be dropped from first team action next season speak up and let's discuss it.

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He should definitely start....I think if we get Farinos or Baronio(I hope not because of Vieri) it will be a good combo with him...I mean, most people would think about not playing them together...But all of them have decent offensive capabilities as well as being really good defensive midfielder...So, I would love to see them play together with Pirlo and Seedorf...I dont know if its possible..

Zanetti Blanc Cordoba

Farinos/Baronio DiBiagio Geo

seedorf Pirlo

Vieri/Sukur - Recoba

It looks like its very unlikely and most possibly unreliable...I know the right flank look weird without a defender...But, Farinos and Zanetti are very good at defending (even though they are midfields...lumping them may prove to be a good combo)..

Know this is outrageous...But, NOw, I have all the players that I like on the team..

When if and when Ronaldo comes back....he should start...This lineup is for Inter without R9...

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