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di vaio

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i watched him several times last year he has potential maybe malesani will put him in the starting eleven
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Di Vaio is a good player and a very good goalscorer.However,I dont think he will be a starting 11 player.But definitely the first sub in the strikers line now SuperMario is not around :(
Super Mario:(:(:( *sigh*

He was 1 of my favourits...
How much is Di Vaio worth? Can we (Everton) have him, we need a new striker! :D You see, the reason why we should go shopping for new players in Italy is because the English transfer market is inflated.

Btw AMOROSO!, I'm back on the forum after such a long time, I just want to say hi to you! :) :)
I don't think Everton can afford him. :)

And if you ask me Di Vaio should get a real chance at Parma, He can develop into becoming a great player.
David Everton cant fford Di Vaio's right leg (the bad one) :)

He must cost around 10-11 million pounds.

Hi :) we stole Barmby from you :)
Everton should be fine with Kevin Campbell, Jeffers, and you've always got Joe-Max Moore who can move up from midfield. That's good enough for Premiership.
Yes,if Gazza somehow finds his form (yeah right) you are going to be ok.What I dont understand is why on earth Ball is not starting.He is so much better than Unsworth at the left...
Ball had some injury troubles last year, just like Gough, Xavier and Cleland so they had to move some players.

Remember at the end at last season when they had to play Collins! at left back:)

Now thev'e signed Watson and Pistone and Problems are solved.
Well, we've got Pistone in defence so we'll be OK in that area. I think Gazza is a pile of JUNK and we should NEVER have signed him. We need new players, but not rubbish like Gazza. Lazio knew it, Rangers knew it and Middlesborough knew it. We need someone to partner Moore, a couple of midfielders and a couple of defenders. Barmby is a TRAITOR and deserves to be booed for what he done.
Unsworth should be in the middle if he should be playing at all. I'd have Ball or Pistone at left-back. I think Pistone is a great signing.

You see, there's a good reason why we need to go to Italy to buy players, and that's because they are much cheaper than in the Premier League. I mean, why would we pay £5-10 million for someone when we can go to a Serie A club to get someone similar who would cost so much less?
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David,plyers in Seria A may seem to cost less than the premiership but tht is not the case.Good Italian players a) sare expensive and b) do not move to England.However,English clubs lure players who are average in Italy like Carbone,Di Canio or Pistone.Thats why they get them so cheap.A Seria A tem would never sell cheap a player they need.For examble,if Everton comes and asks for Sartor they will hear his real price which will be around 6-7 million pounds.If they come for an out of favor Sartor they will get him for 3.The difference is tht an average or old Seria A player is as good as a first team premiership one but costs less because they dont need him.

Pistone sux,he deserved Newcastle and Newcaslte deserved him...I remember lst winter when he was rumored to arrive at Parma to solve our defence crisis (with all these injuries) we were all terrified at the thought.Everton's best signing so fr is Watson who when on form is a great attacking right back.
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Well, but I didn't mean we had to sign the most expensive Italians. I just wanted players who are cheap but capable and effective.
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