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Di Vaio out of the team

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Antonio López has decided to leave Marco Di Vaio out of the team for a undefined term.

Antonio López: "Di Vaio is temporary out of the team in an undefined term. It's a decision that no one likes, but it's for the good of the team. He lacked discipline during the match, it is a lack the respect for the teammates, the institution and the coach".

"He can't go out of the pitch screaming from the midfield, asking for explanations in a public way".

The decision was taken on Sunday, he informed the team, but he didn't asked for opinions to the squad.



I've seen the images on TV and I think that it's too harsh to leave Di Vaio out of the team. I think that López wants to set an example with Di Vaio, but for me, this is a mistake.

Di Vaio should not have done this, but Lopez must understand the frustration of a player that wants to win a match. Sometimes, it's better to look to a different place. Antonio Lopez should have swallowed his ego. Now, he has created a new situation of tension in a team that doesn't need it in a moment like this one.

The press is going to be talking about that the whole week and the atmosphere between Di Vaio and the coach can get worse. This is serious, since Di Vaio is the only Italian that accomplished with the expectations and he is the striker in the best form in the team.

A bad and wrong decision, IMO. Antonio Lopez should not impose respect acting like a nazi.
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First news... I recall he wasn't very happy with the substitution, maybe something happened in the locking room after the game, because it's strange that this is only for Di Vaio's reaction...
I agree, at this stage of the season it's terribly bad timing. Di Vaio is needed to help win as many games as possible, it's going to be a rough ride until the end.

All he did to deserve this was complain to his teammates for bad passes?
Hmmmm strange decision for a team in such a position. I wonder would could have sparked it off.
I hope this doesn't mean Corrdai is starting in the next game!! : :scared: But I think with Di Vaio left out, which is really really bad and came in a very bad time aswell, we'll go back to 4-4-1-1 and probably Lopez we'll slowly try to get Vicente back into the team. To be honest, 4-4-1-1 suits Aimar better, he has more freedom in this sort of a formation and atm it seems that he's our only solution..
Di Vaio has apologized to López and he's back to the team.
Di Vaio Back In Ches Squad

Marco Di Vaio has been restored to the Valencia squad after apologising for his indiscipline at the weekend.
The Italian international was frozen out by coach Antonio Lopez after he reacted angrily to being substituted in the 0-0 draw with Mallorca.

However, after training for two days alone, Di Vaio will join up with the squad today following his apology to Lopez.

Di Vaio insisted that he never meant to offend anyone with his actions.

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Setzer said:
Di Vaio has apologized to López and he's back to the team.
That's good to hear! :)
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