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Di Canio the best player in UK!!!!....

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We definately need more attack minded players in midfield. Di Canio is the best player in the UK but Carbone isnt far off. There both Italian but probally will never get to play with the national side simply cause they play in England.
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england consider him as the player of the year
i think zof should call up Di Canio from west ham .... he is in a excellent shape and he is scoring brlient goals.....and i read that he want to join Itlay in euro 2000

what u think? should zof call him?
No, I don´t think Di Canio should be in the Italian team. Who should he kick out? I can´t see him adding anything in the European Championships
belive me he is that good .. did u watch him playing? .. he is amazing :) :) .... he can replace Di Livio or Albertini or even pessuto......
Sometimes I don't believe you guys :(.

Benito Carbone and Paolo Di Canio are Gods at their respective English teams, but those are teams that are solely relying on them to supply the skills.
They are the best players in the Premiership ? Come on: There are loads of better offensive midfielders in there.
Excluding central midfielders tell me you honestly don't think Giggs, Overmars, Beckham, Harry Kewell, David Ginola, Vladimir Smicer etc. etc. are better players ?
Neither of the two mentioned Italians could get a starting spot with Juve, Lazio or any of the 7 sisters for that matter and they know it too. Paolo Di Canio might be able to rival Pessotto on the wing and I admit that he's a better player offensively speaking, but his temper and disciplinary composure is rediculous. He doens't own one ounch of teamspirit, and Milan rejected him because he was simply TOO erratic.
Carbone is just an ordinary player in terms of Italian wingers/forwards.


I think that Zoff should call Di Canio and send Montella back to Rome.
He has been really great this season.

Di Canio & Carbone were the best players in Sheffield Wednesday but the fan didn't like them because of the high vages.
They left and see what happend to Sheffield W. They are in the 1st division.
If Di Canio would play for Bologna or other middle class team in Italy, he would be surely in the Euro squad.
I agree that Di Canio should have been included in the Euro 2000 squad.He had a brilliant season in the Premier League both in terms of goal-scoring and individual skill.Some of the goals he scored throughout the season were breathtaking,and I feel his creativeness would be a real asset to the national side.Surely anyone that watched the Premier League throughout the season would back me up on the comments I have just made.If there is room for Inzaghi in the Italian squad then surely Di Canio should have been included as well because in comparison Di Canio had a much better season then Inzaghi and indeed a number of the players that were included in the squad,and if anyone thinks otherwise I simply feel they do not watch the Premier League enough to be able to form a relative opinion on this particular topic.
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