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There IS justice in serie A!! Finally it happend again... LAZIO HAS
WON LO SCUDETTO!!! And against all odds, I might add. Our players
fought like valliant warriors all season, our opponents tried every
trick in the book to keep us from that which we deserved for so long,
THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF ITALY!!! And now we have it. The miracle
I predicted came true!!

When the rain fell on Perugia yesterday, I knew it wasn't "just rain",
it were the tears of God. Tears of sadness for all the injustice caused
by Juventus and tears of joy for Lazio's win over Reggina. This was
supposed to happen, it is not just coincidence that our centennial year
is also a holy year!! God is laziale, we are champions and it just feels
so good, so right, so deserved.

I would like to thank our players, our fans, our coach, our
president, our sponsor and everyone connected to Lazio.
ALL of us made this season pure magic.

So much has happend this season. We have been on an emotional
rollercoaster ride for a long time. From moments of terrible
sadness to moments of undescribable joy, back and forth, all the time.
At one time we were 9 points behind Juve, and seemed defeated.
But our players never gave up, our fans never stopped believing
and we fought ourselves back to the point of allmost overtaking
Juve just last week. And when we were at our peak of confidence
our faith was stolen in the worst way by The Thieves of Turin.
To many of us this was just too much to take. This resulted in
the anger and frustration that has been visable on these forums
all last week. But now its over!! Now is a time of joy!! No more
need for anger!! Lets now just celebrate and enjoy our victory!!
Together, undevided, unshakeable and IRRIDUCIBILE.


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Do you think god watches football? I have no doubts about it... :)

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...

First Place winner, June 2010 Photo Contest
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Wow... I must have been in a real 'mellow mood' when I wrote that post!!

I'm a bit more 'down to earth' now, but the last 48 hours have been just so unreal... there were moments when I thought it had all just been a dream. It's only now I can fully see what happend and think rationally about it.

It's just too bad I couldn't be in Rome for the celebration, I feel really like I've missed a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity. But then I think about the future and realise that it CAN happen again and it WILL happen again!!

The Lazio millennium has only just begon.

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I swear i always believed.And sometimes i blamed my self, that i am just a fool dreamer.
It was'nt hard to see to catch them when we were 9 points behind.Winning the derby was just a question mark but i was sure we were gonna beat boring Juventus in Delle Alpi and and we did . Than in away against Milan They were gonna loose..It happened.Also i was sure they were gonna loose against Inter but they did not...
Anyway everyone knows how we won it there is no need to tell it here.
We deserved so much ! And here in a forum i said ,-like BOYO tried to mention- :
" I don't believe in God if we loose the tricolore !" Because we were definetely much better than Juventus ...
Yes, Boyo ..I thought exactly the samething , there must be a way of justice !
And this is the Gods justice that he gave us what we deserve !
In fact,i was so angry and i thought there is something else strange happpening again when i heard the match is abondoned on the radio...
I thought that Juve can not score and that is why Collina abondoned the game !
Thanks to Cragnotti, Erikkson ,all players! Thanks Perugia ! Thanks everyone who believed and supported this team...
Thanks to all Italy who supports us against ladri gobbi !
Thanks that ,Bastardi Romanisti can not even dream about this tricolore and i am sure that now they will find a "GOOD" place for their banner :
"Undici anni in B ancora parlate"

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from dailysoccer
Perugia v Juventus - restart after halftime delayed due to rain (halftime 0-0)
Lazio v Reggina - restart after halftime delayed due to delay at Perugia (Lazio lead 3-0)

I wondering why do they delayed the match in Olimpico due to delay at Perugia?
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