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This Sunday we reached a point in Terni,it's a good point but we need many other points.

We must believe.

We must not think that it's finished:we must play with Como and Siena in Genova,and with Vicenza outside home.They will be 3 terrible matches,matches of blood,heart,soul and hearts,true hearts.

Every body must partecipate.With the soul.

Next Sunday Como will come in Genova:Como reached A today so if we will partecipate all we can easily win:they have not anything more to ask to this chanpionship,so if we believe,all,supporters,managers,players,trainers,we can win.But we must fight.Strongly.

The newspapers mustn t talk about or actual pacific position,our position is terrible.It's not finished.

Next Sunday there will be the match of the life:Everybody,again,mst be at the stadium.Two sundays ago we made samp winning.We must let samp win again.Probably the society will put lower prices for the tickets,so everybody must take a train,a plain,a byciclet,the legs,andcome to genova on Sunday and sing for 90 minutes for samp.

We are fantastic supporterst,but we must be present all.

The supporters of the other team of Genova,Genoa,today assulted the supporters of Modena with rocks,there has been fights behind the stadium,they made sad the most beautiful day for them.And their stupidity caused a lot of problem to a policeman that after the fights can lose an eye.:mad:
Why the supporters of Genoa must give to Italy this sad image of their city?
Luckily we are us...
Tomorrow I'd like to read something in the newspapers,because when sampdoria's fans did something has been always destroyed by media,by the genoans media.But yesterday their actions has been terrible.We will see.

By the way .
Next sunday samp need us.
I'll be present in L.Ferraris.And you?

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i've been stay far for too long, but now i'm back!!!!!!

there is great great great tension about samp. all of us supporter are trying to do everything we can to take samp by hand and bring them at the salvation!!!!!!

against messina, two weeks ago, we were wonderful, marvellous, of another planet. samp supporters are the best, with no dubt. no team in italy has supporters who sing and shout for all the matches like us, neither teams are fighting for scudetto or champions leage.

just about champions leage, next sunday match is important as a champions leage final, for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

we must eat como, we must destroy them, we must delete them from field. they are already qualified for serie A, but they are however very strong. we must be concentrated, and we must be close to our players.

never like now sampdoria need us, and we must answer "present!" to their call, as always.

next sunday we must be 30,000 at the stadium!!!!!!!!

against messina, who was there felt some sensations that none can explain: people exausted, singing and shouting for all the match, who were crying at the end, so happy and so proud to be there, close to their everlast love: sampdoria.

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