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Former Juventus captain and coach Didier Deschamps was present at tonight's match in Turin between Juve and Real Madrid, and before kick off he talked about the current critical situation at the club.

"It's hard to understand, I don't know what's going on, it's certainly not an easy period: losing twice in succession doesn't happen often to a team like Juve," he said. "Perhaps it's because of the many injuries, especially the absence of Buffon. Without him Juve lose a lot, I'm not saying Manninger isn't a quality goalkeeper, but Gigi reassures everyone and with him Juve's defence is of another level."

Asked how much he misses the Juve environment, Deschamps said: "I experienced some very happy moments, great emotions, great victories, but also difficult moments. As a coach, it was an adventure, playing in Serie B is very tough, and we also had a big points deduction. It was a nice adventure, unfortunately it didn't end well for me, but Turin and Juve remain in my heart."

On whether Ranieri is a coach worthy of Juventus: "I know Ranieri as a coach, but not as a person, he's done some good things in Italy and also at Chelsea. Last year he did very well, this year it's more difficult, but that's the way it is. For the coach of a team like Juve, a defeat is like an earthquake, and the person responsible is always the coach. But I think Ranieri has the experience to handle this moment."

He also talked about the reasons behind him leaving Juve in 2007, after just having led the team back to Serie A, and paving the way for Ranieri's arrival.

"I don't want to talk about that very much, I took the decision because the situation as very difficult for me at the time," Deschamps continued. "But now I regret leaving Juventus. Looking back now more than a year later, I wouldn't make the same decision again. At the time, however, it seemed like the best decision, because I had some big disagreements with the club about the transfer campaign and the way forward. It seemed too hard to continue without some tranquility and serenity.

"Coaching is very difficult, you have to feel sure about what you do every day, otherwise it becomes more and more complicated."

Deschamps played for Juve between 1994 and 1999, a glorious period for the club during which they won 3 Scudetti, a Champions League, and an Intercontinental Cup. He also captained the French national team to glory in the 1998 World Cup.

As coach, the 40-year-old reached the Champions League final with AS Monaco in 2004, and led Juve back to Serie A following their first-ever relegation in 2006.

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Very interesting. I loved the fact that we had an "Uno di noi" leading the team in 2006/2007.

In the end, he wanted quality players. At least a Diego or a Van der Vaart / "superstar" kind of player to make the team stand out and seriously challenge the top teams.

Management wanted, Ke...Ken....Knevizic....Knezevic, Salihamidzic, Molinaro, Tiago, Almiron, and Andrade.

I'm assuming this was the case, we cannot be certain.
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