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Can anybody tell me something about this guy. I know he coach Nantes and lead them to the title, but what tactiks does he believe in?
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This was Denoueix's first choice when the team was at full strenght. A classic 4-4-2 with very creative midfielders (Carrière) and very fast players on the flanks (Ziani, Da Rocha)

------------------ Landreau ----------------
Laspalles --- Gillet -- Fabbri --- Armand
Da Rocha -- Carrière -- Berson --- Ziani
----- Moldovan --------- Monterubbio ---

Hope it helps you.

Btw - Has it been confirmed that he takes Anthuenis's place next season?
Thanks Stephanho :)

No it still is a rumour, but one that has been taken over by all media. I think it certainly has some truth in it :hopefull:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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