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Raúl: “We must carry on being humble, we got nothing yet”

Raúl González, having contributed one goal to the Spanish triumph over Slovenia, said, "there should not be too much euphoria" about this victory and "there is a lot of work to be done. We have achieved a significant win", although he also pointed out, "we have beaten Slovenia, but then, Spanish football is quite superior to Slovenian".
Raúl gave a press conference this morning at the Spanish headquarters and insisted again that José Antonio Camacho's side "is top-quality and has nothing to envy any other team, though we have to prove so on the field".

"If we carry on working as hard as that I'm sure we can achieve something great for Spain in this World Cup", said Raúl, who also emphasized the importance of a victory over Slovenia as "giving the whole team more serenity and confidence".

The Madrid striker strongly believes in Spain's possibilities for the championship and promised "the squad will give at least as much in terms of sacrifice and spirit in the rest of our games" adding that Spain "could get even stronger".

Raúl repeated what he already said some days ago, he is convinced "this is going to be Spain's year", although he warned that, to achieve so, "one must work day by day, be humble and make some sacrifice". We got nothing yet. Now our closest goal should be to pass the first stage. After that, we will have time to dream of higher goals", said Raúl.

Real Madrid player admitted that, in the Slovenia game, the Spanish side "found it hard to get into the game. The first goal was very important". Raúl scored it himself with just three minutes left for halftime. "We were dominating the game but we weren't creating clear chances. That goal made us a lot happier going in at halftime with an advantage. In the second half then we were able to be more confident and enjoy ourselves a bit more", said Raúl.

Raúl assured that the Spanish team, besides their hard-working spirit, showed "moments of good play" and observed that, right from today, "we must focus on Paraguay, a different team altogether, with another sort of football, so we will have to change our attitude to play them. The two remaining encounters are going to be like two finals. We have tow chances to get the win leading to the next round, and we mustn't waste them", said Real Madrid forward.

As to Spain's second rival in the tournament on June 7th, the Paraguayan side, Raúl said that the team coached by Cesare Maldini is going to be very hard to beat, because, following their draw against South Africa, they will be playing "life or death".

Surprised at Denmark's performance
The Danish team has been the most surprising one for Raúl in the first stretch of the 2002 Cup. "From what I've seen so far, Denmark is the team I like the best for their play. I've been surprised at their performance", assured Real's forward, who also praised Germany for "their strength". "The German squad showed they are a great eleven in shape to play a World Cup match".
Raúl highlighted "the balance" he has seen in all the Cup matches played so far, except for the one pitting the Germans against Saudi Arabia. He also stated that the Argentinean squad looked "pretty strong". "Argentina proved they know very well what they are after and what they need to do in order to get victories in a tournament like this Cup", observed Real's footballer. Raúl also foresaw that, "although there are going to be many surprises, only the great teams will get through".


Love you too, Raúl :)
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