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Deal for a loan has been rumored. Could this be true? Cause really, Betis are the ones that'll make most profit on that.

think about it this way:
If Denilson fails at Barca, who cares.
If he shows his superb talent and finally becomes that worldplayer betis were supposed to buy then guess who'll be the lucky team-Betis.

IMO:Buy Denilson. Him together with Rivaldo (who i hope will stay after a new record deal is reached...) could mean=New heights of attacking football!

What do you think about Denilson?

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There is no way Denilson has that kind of clause (Not sure though :) )
If he had, half of europe would try to get him by now and there would be more rumors about him.

Imagine having Rivaldo and Denilson!!!I said that before and say it again. A dream. (If Denilson would make it...)
Yep. Thats another reason. Zenden could be on his way out if a "Dutch cleanse" is initiated...

Wouldnt mind having Denilson the Zenden...

Dotn put him down like that!
He is still very young. And the thing that matters with young players are their potential!!!
Denilson holds a lot of that so the other things as teamwork moral and that stuff can be added later!
Get him foor his talent, and changing his other abilities wont be hard when he plays for a club as Barcelona!

I see no other conclusion then that the fans want Denilson here (Except for Labas :) )

But of course we should take the risk and sign him for a permanent deal right? Loan deals are stupid, read my other replies here to understand what i mean,.
Labas gets more and more enmies. Thats sad cause he is a great guy when you get to know him.

Dont let some of few users here get to you. Ignore them. I really dont mind having another opinion, wheter its from a 50 year old coach then a simple fan. This board is for everyone.
Which rumors are surroundingDenilson right now? I havent heard Barca/Denilosn for a while now....Hope he can display his talents at the Olypics!

1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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