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Deal for a loan has been rumored. Could this be true? Cause really, Betis are the ones that'll make most profit on that.

think about it this way:
If Denilson fails at Barca, who cares.
If he shows his superb talent and finally becomes that worldplayer betis were supposed to buy then guess who'll be the lucky team-Betis.

IMO:Buy Denilson. Him together with Rivaldo (who i hope will stay after a new record deal is reached...) could mean=New heights of attacking football!

What do you think about Denilson?

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Labas, why don't you think about his situation before you write anything? He came into Betis as the most expensive signing in the world. This is a lot of pressure for a 20 year old to deal with, so he tries to prove himself to the fans and to himself that he is worth this much. That is why he plays so selfishly some times. If he comes to Barca, he will not be the star. He will be able to dwell in the shadows of Rivo, and Figo and will be allowed to be the free flowing attacking wonder that he is. You should be one to realize this with all the stuff you write, NO?
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