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Deal for a loan has been rumored. Could this be true? Cause really, Betis are the ones that'll make most profit on that.

think about it this way:
If Denilson fails at Barca, who cares.
If he shows his superb talent and finally becomes that worldplayer betis were supposed to buy then guess who'll be the lucky team-Betis.

IMO:Buy Denilson. Him together with Rivaldo (who i hope will stay after a new record deal is reached...) could mean=New heights of attacking football!

What do you think about Denilson?

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I believe Denilson has a clausule in his contract he can leave without a transferfee now Betis relegated. But do we need him? I have my doubts. We saw how Rivaldo can influence our results, and I don't think we can permit ourself another player like that.
I think he should get his chance, but he must try to be a teamplayer. We already hve Rivaldo who isn't a teamplayer, and sometimes Figo and Luis Enrique also have that bad habit. So with Denilson we should prevent an "Inter-situation": Many stars, lots of talent, but no team, and therefore not the results one can expect from such a squad.
dadoaldo> For your information, I have him on my ICQ-list, and I asked him several times to accept other opinions, and to respect FC Barcelona. All the other Real-fans do so (read my closed topic about it), but Labas doesn't (or at least didn't). His post is now a couple of days old, and I haven't seen him messing around here for a few days now. But if you feel the desire to mail someone with real power on this board, Jan is your man: [email protected]
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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