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Delpiero is a good player but no more a champion. Probably now he is even not good enough to be among the 23 players chosen by scleroTrap, but, as usual, the CT chooses the good fellows and leaves the "maudits" champions home. Perhaps Trap prefers to play "scopa" (italian game with cards usually played during the training camp) with Adani, Delpiero and Di Livio, rather than with Robi Baggio, Antonio Conte and Ciro Ferrara.
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no non nei, del piero is finding his form, he's played great the last two games.
before his injury he was the best player in the world, and IMO he's getting better an better every year, i think that he can find his old form. he should definetely get a chance in the WC
Del Piero is getting older and is getting closer to 30.

IMO, his best days are in the past.

He will never be the wizard he was before his serious injury.
In the coming WC Del Piero is gonna have to deal with probably the most pressure he's ever had to deal with. If he fails again he'll have to look for a house to buy in Japan or Korea.

Here's something I just found now, written not that long ago by an Italo-Autralian soccer journalist:

Waiting for Del Piero

The weight of expectation has crushed Alessandro Del Piero into nothing more than an average player. Juventus should sell him and cash in on its investment while he is still worth something.

Ever since graduating with honours from the Juventus youth system, he has been the centre of attention, not helped by the fact that he replaced Italian great Roberto Baggio, who was sold to AC Milan.

I can remember the early days when Del Piero would sell a dummy on the edge of the penalty area, cut in onto his right foot, and send his shot curling towards the top corner of the goal with surgical precision. That was one of his best party tricks.

He was a goal scorer and much, much more – a provider of goals, young and enthusiastic. The heir to Baggio’s throne won many admirers, not to mention two league titles, a European Champions Cup and an Intercontinental Cup.

Life was extremely good as Del Piero boarded a plane bound for the World Cup finals in France. He had just completed his best season ever, scoring 21 goals in 32 Serie A appearances.

However, during that summer of 1998, the magic vanished.

Without the support network he enjoyed at Juventus, one of the best teams in Europe at the time, the true Del Piero reared his ugly head. He looked flimsy and somewhat out of his depth. There was nothing special about him at all.

At the relatively young age of 23, he was given the benefit of the doubt, but it was a sign of things to come.

The following years were tumultuous to say the least. Del Piero underwent major knee surgery, his performances for Italy at Euro 2000 were again the subject of heavy scrutiny, and his father passed away.

That brings us to today. Will Del Piero ever regain his best form? It is a question only he can answer, although Italy’s national coach Giovanni Trapatoni has his own ideas, “I believe that all of us have developed exaggerated expectations of Del Piero. His first few seasons were exceptional and perhaps unrepeatable.”

Trapattoni’s remarks follow angry scenes in Turin, where Juventus fans booed their fallen idol off the pitch while he was being substituted against Bologna, “Whistling him now is an ungenerous act and the fans need to change.”

Sorry Trap, but why should the Juventus fans lay off when Del Piero is getting paid over twelve million dollars a season by the club to play, and play well? They, like many Italians, are fed up with waiting for Del Piero to shine again.

The one-time golden boy lost his lustre years ago and I cannot see a way back. He would be useful, though, as a bargaining chip to try and lure a suitable replacement to Turin.

Del Piero remains a first choice striker under Juventus coach Marcello Lippi, but for how long? He was furious at being subbed against Bologna and showed his disgust by ripping off his captain’s armband and slamming it on the ground.

Either he is tired of being criticised (strong possibility), or maybe he is just a spoilt, overrated brat.

When all is said and done this season, I will look back at players such as Pavel Nedved, David Trezeguet and Ciro Ferrara, to name a few, for giving Juventus a shot at winning the championship.

The Italian national coach needs to decide on what to do with the man known as ‘Pinturicchio’, who will need to lift his game if he wants to play alongside Christian Vieri at the World Cup.

Francesco Totti will start behind the two strikers, meaning the race is on to find a partner for Vieri. Del Piero’s competition includes Marco Delvecchio, Vincenzo Montella, Filippo Inzaghi (currently injured) and Marco Di Vaio.

Del Piero will be put to the ultimate test over the next two months, as the World Cup draws nearer. He must deal with the Serie A, Champions League and Italian Cup final before booking a ticket to Japan and South Korea.

Whatever happens between now and Italy’s last World Cup match will determine whether Del Piero stays at Juventus, with the club looking at various attacking options for next season.

I cannot understand how Del Piero fooled the world for so long into thinking he was the real deal. Maybe he peaked too early? All I see is a burnt out player who lost his edge and has no idea how to get it back.

Updated: Mon, Mar 11, 2002 11:25:28 AM AEDT

From: http://twg.sbs.com.au/opinions/index2.php3?id=18411

I pretty much agree with most of what this guy says. How long do we have to wait for this player to do something in our prestigious blue shirt? It's been more than 6 years now.

ps. I hate posting articles.
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That's pretty harsh, but pretty fair in truth. Del Piero is no longer an essential player for us, that's what I'm really sad about, especially after witnessing some great displays for Juve early on in his career.

He has the talent, but not the mental strength. When things aren't going well on the field, he's found wanting, no longer able the influence things in a positive way. For every 'good' game he has, there's 4 or 5 where he does nothing.
ADP needs the right 'support network' in order for him to perform?....very true. Without the attacking play that Lippi employs with zz or Vialli at the time, ADP's strength will not work. Snr Maldini plays Catanaccio and ADP is lost up front. Zoff in 2000 had same sort of strategy.

We need someone who can create chances in all weather....not someone waiting for the right place, right time, right move in order for him to execute his wonderful-play. I really hate it when i see ADP stop and walk when he miss a chance to score or when defenders spoilt his run....for the NT of course.

I believe there are a lot of ppl willing to conribute to book ADP the best resort holiday this summer....together with a wide-screen TV too. :cool:
Maybe it's true that he'll never regain his absolute form, but except for Baggio, no other Italian player has reached that level.

But that journalist is way too harsh. He just came back from an injury when he had to play at France 98, and indeed Maldini played Catenaccio. At Euro2000 he wasn't included in Zoff's plans. He played good at Euro2000, but screwed it up in the finals. And everyone is still judging him on that one game.

And is Del Piero not that useful anymore for Juventus? Well he dragged Juventus to the second stage of the CL, he is part of the most scoring attack-duo of Italy. And Juventus proved they need him when he was injured. Of course this can also be said for Nedved and Trezeguet.

For all the people who think he's avarage:
Juve-Celtic: assist for Trezeguet
Celtic-Juve: free-kick
Italy-(was it Hungary) free-kick
Milan-Juve (coppa Italia)
Perugia-Juve: second goal
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yea but when i see how he played yesterday this make me think about the worst in the WC...

Forza Baggio dont let us fall ==> insegna a Del Piero come si gioca a briscola che a scopa non vale un ca$$o :D
Mikey said:
That's pretty harsh, but pretty fair in truth. Del Piero is no longer an essential player for us
that is not true.

this season our team has not functioned when dp or nedved is away. thats the two players that must be there for us to play good.

a player like trez ''only'' scores the goals, we can still play good without him, we have not played good this season without dp, at least not in important games
I don't think Del Piero will ever emulate Baggio's exploits at NT level. That said- one can make a pretty strong case for Baggio to be Italy's best player ever, and I don't think Del Piero NEEDS to be Baggio to be a success, and less so to be picked.

The author of this article has the right to his opinion, but if it's claimed that Del Piero's performances are not absolutely ESSENTIAL to Juve's offensive play, then one simply don't watch Juve games.

He, like Roby have something to prove at this years WC



tarmpropp , I was refering to Del Piero with the Azzurri. He hasn't done enough to be a starter.
Pretty harsh and not fair. He doesn't need to fooled anyone about him came back to his old performance.

So, he doesn't score much, and sometimes he play suck but he's very essential for the club and the NT.. coz' he's a great man, more than Totti,who I think is very temperamental guy, and someday, he would cost the Azzuri a bad name with his attitude.

But, DP is very calm guy, outside and inside the field. So, I would prefer DP as a captain for Azzuri, rather than Nesta, who grabbed other player shirts if he can't keep up with the run.

No one can regain to his old performance if the public kept on pressure him to the edge, c'mon....:eek: :eek: he's a great man, but he needs a break, a little slack so, he can play well.

:angel: And with his marriage comin'up.. I believe, next year he can be the old DP, and he starts shining again.. and Juve will rule the world..
Del Piero getting married? To who?? :confused:
ToniSamp said:
With a brunette who works in a boutique here in Torino. She was in a TV sporting show wirth Delpiero last sunday.
... and her name is SONIA... and for her wedding present from DP is a boutique..

Eat your heart out, DP fans, cause this girl is an:angel: ...
She gave him the comfort and courages to be back on the field even when he was under pressure... She's just an ordinary woman, so give your bless to them, okay???:D :D

So, Jun-Lei.. stick to Louis arm-pit cause obviously, DP is under someone's arm pit...;)
I'm happy for DP that he's found someone nice. :) So don't try to give me grief over his impending marriage.
Jun-Lei said:
I'm happy for DP that he's found someone nice. :) So don't try to give me grief over his impending marriage.
Sorry Jun-Lei, I'm not trying to give me a grief. I'm also DP fans, but I'm glad Sonia is a woman he loves. Cause she's just an ordinary people.

I also believe there's always a woman behind a man succesfull, and I hope Sonia can bring his old-best-fantastic performance.
It's ok, adel_10. :) I also hope he and Sonia have a blissful marriage. :) And most importantly, be back to his best!
So, you like Real too.. so am I :D

I like JM Guti, cause he brings miracle to Real Madrid, and who's your favorite player??
I like Raul & Fernando Morientes :) I also admire Figo & Zizou for their skills. Guti is a decent player.
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