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By Alex

After they got the first victory in the second leg of the championship just last Sunday in the derby versus Verona, following a not-winning strike 10 games long, the most are now figuring out doubts about the chances Chievo could stun Italian Soccef world next season as well.

However coach Lugi Del Neri seems to haven't any doubt about "Well, for sure some player will leave us, but I don't think Chievo will pay that too much. There are really few probabilities this 'toy' will get broken!"

"What we have done till now is the result of a serious plan, throughout the years. The seven champions played in Serie B strengthened this club and the fact everyone works here owns a great knowledge of soccer, is a component more in our successes"

"And then, we always had an economical situation behind us which didn't figure out any problem, as all the investments the club completed were well planned and they never passed the deadlines" Del Neri concluded.
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