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Dejan Stefanovic

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Looks like he's on his way out of Vitesse. Dutch media report that Inter are interested in him and have already spoken to his agent, furthermore Ajax, PSV and Paris Saint-Germain have apparently also spoken to his club about a possible transfer.

He has said before he would prefer to stay in Holland, because in two years time he and his family will be eligible for permanent residency here. But if Inter really want him they'll have no problem outbidding Ajax and PSV, and then it remains to be seen how keen he is on staying in this country.

Disregarding the financial situation I think the wisest thing for him would be to move to Ajax. Their coach Ronald Koeman was in charge of Vitesse until he moved to Ajax earlier this season, and he obviously rates him highly. But a move to Ajax depends on whether or not Chivu leaves the club.

I don't know much about PSG, but it doesn't really strike me as the most stable club in Europe, so I don't really think a move there would be such a great idea.

I'm surprised Inter want him but if he does end up there he'll probably be nothing more than back-up to Materazzi (dirty scvmbag btw) and Cordoba. Thqt's the main reason I don't want to see him sign for them.
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The smartest move for him would be to go to the team where he will actually play football, not play bench:rolleyes:

Deki had to suffer a lot to get his place in Lazio's first 11.

Going to Inter to keep the bench warm for Cordoba, Materazzi or whoever will not do any good for his carrier.

I remember when 19 year old Rambo refused to sit on Inter's bench. :D

whatever you do, do not chose bench.
PSG have a good team with a good coach. if the headquarters let him work in peace and allow him time he would be able to make psg win a european cup again. i think he could have his place in the french defense though pocchetinno and heinze make really a great job in the central defense. but in fact psg lack good backwingers.
i think stefanovic is a central defender isn't it ? i don't think he would be fernandez first choice even if the man seems to like yugo defenders. but we don't know... Ajax would be a good choice certainly.
Djorovic and Njegus were very close to psg last year thanks to fernandez, because of his Liga knowledge, he rates them high, as well as stefanovic it seems.

but he failed to engage them both...
I don't really follow the French league so I don't know much about it, but I do know that PSG are one of the biggest underachievers in Europe. Financially they are much better of than the other French clubs, yet they've hardly won any throphies.

They are/were sort of like a mini version Inter before Cuper, lots of money to spend, a talented squad packed with starts, but not a team. I think that Fernandez has been there for a while now, so maybe things are going a better than before, but they're still not my first choice club where I'd like to see Stefanovic end up at
i agree. i live in france so i can say that stefanovic wouldn't be the first choice in central defense since heinze and pocchetino do a great job. ajax would be the best choice for him since he wants to stay in holland.
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