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Dehu and Ciric sold!!!!

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Dehu has been sold to Olympique Lyon for 5 million pounds. The only thing to be completed are the personal terms and he will be on his way. Ciric has been sold to Valladolid for an undisclosed amount.
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I've got to admit I'd completely forgotten that Ciric was still a Barça player. Pretty good but lacking in confidence on the big stage.
I thought we sold Ciric to AEK Athens last year, I even saw him playing for them in Uefa cup. lol
I guess it was just a loan deal or something.
Ciric was loaned to AEK and they had an option to exrcise if they wanted to keep him.However,he sucked big time and when he asked them if he will stay they laughed at him and sent him back to Bercelona as soon as possible.You are really lucky to find a sucker to sell him...poor Valladolid...
I don't think I'll miss one of them...
But I'm still waiting for Bogarde to be sold....
Who will we buy to replace Dehu? Cannavaro? Paco? Blanc? Montero? I really have no idea. I'm still hoping for Cannavaro....
Dragan Ciric isn't all that bad a player. He did score one spectacular goal for you guys:D A pity he's been sold, because Valladolid always know who to buy:D Anyway you can dreeam about Canna, he is staying and may Barca defend with the B team! HALA:D
Labas,trust me,Ciric sucks big big time.He couldnt even make a good performance at the Greek league...
On the subject of Yugo ex-Barça players, does anyone out there know what happened to Goran Vucevic? He was looking promising in the mid-nineties but never really made the leap from Barça B to the first team.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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