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Who should be the DMC of our team?

  • Yossi Abuksis

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Walid Badir

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Tal Banin

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Oren Zeitouni

    Votes: 1 11.1%

Defensive Midfielder Poll

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Vote, reply, eleborate. :) Seems like we finally have a poll with really 4 quality options (when all are on form of course).
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I voted for Yossi Abuksis, he is currently in the best form of all of the other options, though Badir certainly made the most impressive comeback this season. Banin and injury prone Zeitouni are off form.
Yossi Abuksis, despite his temper, he showed this season that the last season with Beitar only encouraged him to play better.
I respect Tal Banin.:)
His play brings composure to a team.
He can make a chance from one vertical path.
(However, as for this, Abuksis may be more excellent.)

I give good evaluation also for Oren and Walid.;)

....Hazan was a wonderful player....:D
I voted for Badir since I see that he got only one vote. Actually I agree that Abuksis deserves the position too. What about 2 defensive midfielders? In my opinion both of these players are candidates for player of the year.
P.S. Yes Japanese I agree with you about Hazan. He scored a great goal against Spain for example. And he is still a good player for Ashdod.
Hazan is a good candidate but was never seriously considered by Nielsen as far as I can remember and he is indeed kind of old. We can have 2 Defensive midfielders but I got the impression that we're gonna have a team consists of a Defensive Midfielder, 2 wingers and one attacking midfielder, unless you think we should change that.
I'm the one who voted for Zeitouni.
It's true that I don't follow the Israeli league like you do.
But he impressed me a lot when I've seen him playing and i vote for the future.
Zeitouni has a lot of potential and I think we will see him doing great things in the future. He played a major cog in Hapoel Haifa's championship season a few years back and has been unlucky this season with Maccabi's failure and his repeat injuries. Hope he will do better next season. :)
clearly it is ypssi Abuksis.he has a good engine,a bit dirty,but taht's sth you need in a DM.H'es aalso a good passer.
The Merengue said:
clearly it is ypssi Abuksis.he has a good engine,a bit dirty,but taht's sth you need in a DM.H'es aalso a good passer.
And Shayan amazes me with his Israeli football knowledge once again:D

Was it on Futbol Mondial as well? ;)

BTW - Seeing a guy like Heinze playing for Denmark while he is 39 made me wonder why not Hazan really. Maybe we can call him up again, seeing as the so called young ones aren't doing any better.
No one voted in the last week, so it's official, Abuksis is the selected defensive midfielder.

Still waiting for Raanan to make the right midfielder early survey.
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