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Defensive Injuries?

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So, Sol is now out for 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. He is aiming to be back for the FA Cup Final, but this means he is out of 3 vital championship games... and we have a defensive crisis...

Does anyone know what the situation is now? Obviously Keown is fit, but the others?

Matt Upson - Was ruled out for the season after breaking his leg against Everton, but I heard he was doing well and could feature in the last game or two?

Tony Adams - He was due to play yesterday but pulled out late on with a back problem. Does anyone know how serious this is? Looks like there might be no championship medal for TA... :(

Sol Campbell - Out for three weeks with a hamstring strain. Very frustrating for him and us. Did you see him hammering the ground in anger when he did it?

Igors Stepanovs - There was a big anti-Igors thing on this board up until Christmas (I was definitely anti-Igors!) - did the opinions change at all after his run in the team a few weeks back? Because I thought he did really well for the most part, and I would be happy to see him back in the team if neccessary. BUT, I think he is injured too? Does anyone know?

Gilles Grimandi - He looks most likely to be our saviour, because he is not injured...

I havent even mentioned the full-back situation!
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Obviously no fit left back. So, Lauren and Dioxn will play as full back.

We can still win next game without our first team defenders. But the game against West Ham really worries me. West Ham is a good attacking side.
I've just read that Adams should return against Ipswich, and that Luzhny will be fit as well.

The West Ham game is on Wednesday 24th April, just 3 days after the Ipswich game, so it is fair to suggest that Adams will only play in one of the two - I think I would rather have him in against West Ham.

Cole is supposed to be ready to play against Ipswich I thought?

BTW, if Keown gets injured against Paraguay, I am not responsible for my actions against the FA!!! :D
The only thing that could derail our season is injuries. Also, this is undoubtedly Adam's last season, he's been injured way too much. :(
adams will be back this sunday against ipswich

AND i heard upson is back in training:D :D :D
so thats good news
so i hope keown and adams wont get injured and stay fit all the way till the end of the season
its not that much to ask, its like 5 games or so

currently, i would rather prefer if keown DIDNT play against paraguey
no use for him, its a friendly. he'll be putting arsenal on the line!!
but if it was a crucial WC game then i wouldnt mind
but your risking so much jsut for a friendly!

but atleast eriksson isnt such a uptight [email protected]#$#@$ like the french NT coach.
AW didnt want his french players to play in some friendlies that the french NT coach orginised, he said "whoever doesnt come, wont be in the WC squad" :mad: :mad:
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Give Keown a break, this is his last world cup and wants to have a chance of going to japan.
he will be goign to japan
i am very confident of that
also wat i ment was
dont try to hurt keown or anything
or just dont hurt yourself ( indicating keown)
because arsenal needs you aswell
Ashley Cole is playing in a reserve game tonight. If he gets through it he will be playing on Sunday agaisnt Ipswich.:)
that would be such great news in such dire times
Ash came through alright ;)
Sol will probably be back for the away game at Bolton so that's two bits of good news ;)
Things are looking up, hopefully we won't get anymore injuries like Pires... and I also hope Adams plays enough for a medal...
will campball make it to the FA cup final?
i think we need a really solid defense to keep the 2 most deadly striker partners in the EPL
Campbell will definately be back for the F.A Cup Final. In fact he is expected to play on the 29th April agaisnt Bolton, just what Jern said.
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