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Baljic cost just over £10 mil and I agree that he should be given a chance. my first ever post here was begging Real fans to give Macca a chance and since he has been given one he has excelled. I can't realy say the same for Baljic but am being patient with him until he has a chance.
What worried me with the Racing game was how bad our substitutes did (along with the officials). Anelka is still unfit, Geremi is out of confedence and who can blame him. He also played out of position and we all know he is a good player. Baljic is also struggling with form due to confidence.

We were unlucky to go 2-1 down at half time. One of their games was offside and the penalty!!! When the ref blew his whistle I thought that he would book Sietes but he gave pen.
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