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I think that this is the only right solution to an impossible matter, there should be no doubt to the importance of Bati and this is a good way to show it.

As for Montella , if this is enough to make him wanna leave,
well then goodbye. He is not and will never be as big a star a Bati and he should be big enough a man to accept it.

I copied this from the Batistuta homepage :

Roma leaders and coach Fabio Capello have made a decision
yesterday that Batistuta will wear the number 9 jersey and Montella will wear the
number 11.

It's clear, after paying 35 million dollars for Bati and assuring him the best contract
for a player in the world, Roma won't take the risk of it's star being the laughing stock
because of a jersey number. Both Batistuta and Montella have said that they are
willing to accept the decision made by the leaders and coach Capello. When
Batistuta signed the contract and travelled to the Italian capital for the official presentation to the fans, he wore a
Roma shirt without a number. And the matter was not spoken of again until yesterday.

The announcement from Roma regarding the matter took place while rumours were circulating about the possible
departure of Montella from the team. Yesterday, in the locker room, after Italy defeated Belgium 2-0 in the Euro
2000, Montella didn't even play for a minute. A journalist asked a question: "Today Totti play in the first half.
Batistuta will definitely play in Roma, and if they put Francesco in this position and partner him with Nakata, what
will happen to Montella?". Ciro Ferrara who was listening nearby, said, "Montella will pack his bags". And a laughter
broke out in the corridors.
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