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gday, anyone here from Melbourne or victoria?? obviously id think there is..


ive always played soccer, then this season i wanted to play footy with some mates, so we went down to aquinas college.

Anyone heard of it? gay poof school i think, but they play in the Amatuers comp in Victoria so i thought it would do.

Thought id be a complete spastic....

Today, in me 2nd game we played on victoria park, ****ign sensational!! mate, u wouldnt beleive what it is like to play on there. Just think, im showering where buckley has, and im taking a leak in the same toilet as conventry did Years ago...

Anyway! we pipped some xaverians team or something. Managed to kick 5.5 ....... im onlya little fella so they play me forward pocket, compared to Matty Lappinbut i dotn as much as he does so that cant be right...

anyway!!!! all have a good day!!
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