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Zvezda win...Partizan draw :( :(

Zvezda take a two point lead in the league. Here are all the results...

Hajduk (B) - Borac 3:0
Cukaricki - Crvena zvezda 0:1
Radnicki (N) - Buducnost 1:0
Proleter - Milicionar 3:0
Hajduk (K) - Mogren 1:0
Sutjeska - Zemun 0:0
Spartak - Rad 2:3
Radnicki (K) - OFK Beograd 0:0
Partizan - Zeletnik 1:1

BTW/ Partizan played without Kezman and Ilic, still, no excuse for a crap result like this :(

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Oh,come on Zvezda, please hold on, just 8 more 1:0 wins... :) :) :)

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Yes we'll win the leage and the cup dupla kruna belongs to Red Star.Red Star Forever don't worry Red Star will win it we're in a top form (the only worry I've got is Obilic)

Grobar Otago Ilic and Kezman did play,I thought they wouldn't play too,because of the yellow cards,you can check this on www.fudbal.co.yu

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Grobar_Otago its true Kezman and Illic did play but dont worry knowing Zvevda they stuff up to and we will be waiting to pounce.

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Hmm. Yup, Kezman and Ilic played. That just makes this result even more embarrassing...

Mijatovic, I hope you're right. Zvezda play Obilic & Vovodina soon. But somehow I get the feeling they'll win both matches 1:0 :)
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