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Not a done deal yet, but if and when it´s a done deal it will be a reason to laugh just like it was when Vieri was sold to Parma.

The only good thing about this deal is that Lazio will get 1) a very good striker 2) a very good partner to Veron and a reason for him to shut his fxxking mouth and stop bitching.

Conceciao was bought for 1 reason and that reason was his amazing crosses, he´s also a good dribbler and a very speedy player. To me he is a great wing because he stays on his wing :) no but seriously there are many players that are forced to play on the wings and are not very happy to do so and therefore they tend to wander into the middle of the field. Conceciao stays on the wing ( even if he can play more central ) and guards the right side of the field ( he was even used as a defender in portugals game against Turkey ).

I can not belive that Lazio will go through with this deal but if they do - congratulate Tanzi and Parma and I´m semi happy because atleast the players stick with a team I support.

This season will be the season of Parma and a strong midfield ( 2/4s x Lazio ) will make sure that Parma won´t have any collapses like last season :)

As for Lazio - the players can be replaced but the mindframe of the people with power at Lazio must be questioned !! learn from Juventus !!! what signals are Lazio sending out when they are paying alien sums of money for players ??

I don´t know why Cragnotti feels that Crespo is worth Almeyda + Conceciao but I´m sure that he´ll never learn and that Lazio will end up like Inter - laughed at :(
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