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Deal done! Crespo sold to Lazio,Almeyda and Sergio Conceicao moving to Parma

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In an interview to the Italian press agency ADN-Kronos,Crespo has said himself "happy to have signed for the Italian Champions of Lazio". According to the press agency the deal has been struck on the basis of 125 billions liras: Almeyda and Sergio Conceicao move to Parma for sure while the remaining money may be given cash or covered by the transfer of Salas (in this case it would be Parma to give some cash to Lazio).

No club has given official confirmation yet.
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This is NOT yet a done dealm, like ARGENTINA said Lazio is first looking for a replacement for conceicao before they sell him, Figo, Overmars(very bad at the right wing)
Torricelli and Moriero had all been named...
If they find a replacement i think the deal is pretty done.

I don't think Salas is that bad he scored quit alot of goals
over 2 years, i think 25 or something like that, ok he is not as good as Crespo but we also have Bonazzoli, Di Vaio and Mboma ready to take his place:)

Stanic is quit similair as Mboma in attack, as a winger we are going to sign Lamouchi.

Like glen siad this would be a great deal, we need Almeyda badly, Conceicao is a real good backup and would provide pressure on Vanoli, Fuser, Salas or Angel are in my opinion great 'young' Strikers that would fit in good in the sqaud.
Salas is worth 15 million $(if not more)
Conceicao is worth 20 million $(if not more)
Almeyda is worth 15 million $(if not more)

I just heard that Kluivert might move to Juventus for only
12 million euro's this is crazy, so cheap for 1 of the best
'young' strikers in the world!
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