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De La Peña. What should we do with him?

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What should we do with Ivan De La Peña? Sell him? Send him on loan again? Or give him a chans? I think that he´s a great player. But not everyone thinks the same. The best way to use him would be according to me as an backup for the first team. He´s an attacking midfielder and plays in the same position as Verón. He could play when Verón has to rest or is injured.

He wants to go home to Barcelona. But he´s still under contract with us. So "Svennis" decides. And he´s one of the biggest talents in the world.

Forza Lazio
Lo Scudetto 99/00
Coppa D´Italia 99/00
Europen SuperCup 99
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Sell this looser back to spain!!!!!!!!!!
no im just a little nasty :)
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