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Day 26: Brescia - Sampdoria

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I start this thread soon cause the debate of the week will be: who will replace Palombo and Volpi? Edusei and X.
The proposals for X are:
Doni - the feet are good and he could be a splendid playmaker but the questions are:
1- can he defend?
2- can he run for 90 minutes?
Tonetto - he already played in that position and Doni could replace him on the left winger (or Gasbarroni if Diana will recover from the injury). I have no doubts on Tonetto.
Iacopino - the indecent proposal :howler: Novellino used him just in the Italian Cup and the result was terrible.

We will also miss Pavan (also banned) so Falcone MUST recover... otherwise... you know who will play. :scared:
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Tonetto to be replaced by fatso in the 62nd minute. Iacopino will then replace him a minute later as he will pull a muscle whilst tying his shoe lace.

I don't think iacopino is that bad + he is samp through and through.

I also respect the way he is sitting out his contract with such dignity. Only Winston Bogarde at chelsea did better in terms of the money earned/matches played ratio.
There is a school of thought that would suggest that moving Tonetto into the middle wouldn't be a good idea, afterall,why disrupt the team even more. I tend to agree, but the doubts about Doni's ability to tackle and last the 90 minutes make the decision to send Pagano away seem even more strange :confused:
Tonetto has been one of our most dangerous threats recently and I don't think moving him would work (even though he has the advantage of being very fit and good at tackling). I'd probably opt for Edusei-Doni, with Edusei doing most of the chasing back and Doni trying to help out the forwards a bit, but not sure how well that would work really.

It would be interesting to try a Primavera player (is Cittadino a centre mid?) as I don't think the're given enough of a chance and Sampdoria, then again we really need 3 points so maybe it's not the best time to start risking..

Either way, unless Novellino changes formation (it'd be great to go out with an attacking 4-3-3..), it's going to be someone playing out of position whoever it is.
Mart said:
the doubts about Doni's ability to tackle and last the 90 minutes make the decision to send Pagano away seem even more strange :confused:
exactly. I just about got over the bazzani-inzagi saga....after all bazzani had become just that, a saga, and hadn't performed all season. But Pagano was good! He played phenomenally well at roma, and to kick him out after a poor performance in the cup (which by the look of the team he fielded, not even novellino takes seriously) was stupid and hypocritical to say the least.
Novellino tried Doni with Edusei in the trainings.
The presence of Falcone is again doubtful even if he was regularly on the pitch yesterday during the trainings. And this time Carrozzieri is the only altenative. :scared:
The duo in the middle will be Edusei-Tonetto while Doni will play on the left flank. Falcone is ok and will play. Diana could be ok, but Gasbarroni is ready to replace him. Rossini will be back the partner of Flachi in attack.

Probable lineup: Antonioli - Zenoni, Castellini, Falcone, Pisano - Diana (or Gasbarroni), Edusei, Tonetto, Doni - Flachi, Rossini.

As regards Brescia: So-Domizzi is banned, while Schopp, Martinez and Del Nero are injured.
The probable lineup is:
Castellazzi - Zoboli, Di Biagio, Adani, Zambelli - Sculli, Milanetto, Guana, Wome - Delvecchio, Caracciolo.
Don't forget that the game is on Saturday 6.00 PM (Italian time)!
I'll follow the game on livescore.com (and here if anyone is reporting), since I have an 11 hour work day on Saturday! :dazed:
The referee will be the bald Nucini... from Bergamo! :eek: Considering the rivalry Brescia-Bergamo it's a rather odd choice. It could be good for us, but you never know.

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A Very Importand Goal For Us....errr For Samp I Mean
Now One More With Flachi And We Are Ok
hmmmmm suspicious :wth:
can you see the match....?

i can picture galiani in my mind pulling the plugs off :dontcare: :dontcare: :stoned: :D
No,I'm listening to live com on radio babo. Lights off in stoppage time is v.suspicious :mute:
What's the policy in Serie A, replay the whole game or just the minutes remaining??
before some time i had read that it was "play the whole game again" but that they wanted to change it...and play the game from the minute it was stopped...

i think
bati9 said:
but that they wanted to change it...and play the game from the minute it was stopped...

i think
They'd better. :irritate: :nono:
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