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For the last 1.5 years we have together with Daum played 51 Süper Lig, 5 Turkish Cup and 6 C.L. games....62 games altogether!

Of these 62 games Fenerbahce has won 44 and lost 10 games. Eight games ended with a draw. Three of the losses came from the C.L and one from the Turkish Cup.

This means that Daum has a winning percentage of 70.9 %.

This percenatge can also be calculated for the different competitons.

C.L. : 50% (3 out of 6)
Turkish Cup: 80% (4 out of 5)
Süper Lig: 72.5 % (37 out of 51)

With Daum, Fenerbahce has scored 150 goals and conceeded 71.

These are truely awesome stats.....:thmbup:

Daum has also made history by being able to stay as coach for Fenerbahce for more than 1.5 years.....(it's actually exactly 1.5 years.....but it looks like he will be around for a couple of more rounds....:D )
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