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Darko will be the first Yugoslavian player to pick in the number 1 in the NBA draft. He will be better then Divac. Here is an article
about in him in Gobla Game in Dallas(from a Dallas news papaer)

Global Games: 6-11 Yugoslavian flashes point guard skills

By GRAHAM WATSON / The Dallas Morning News

There is one name at the Global Games that many NBA scouts have spoken – maybe incorrectly:

Darko Milicic.



He's the hottest European prospect destined for the NBA that won't be available until the 2004 draft. So why all the hype?

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"He's 7-feet tall but has the skills of a point guard," said Marty Blake, director of scouting for the NBA. "The centers are not getting any better in [the NBA], so when a 17-year-old kid comes along and shows that kind of talent, he's revered."
Fans can get a glimpse of Milicic during the gold medal game at Reunion Arena at 8 p.m. Tuesday, when Yugoslavia defends its championship against the United States.

And he's worth the $10 admission price.

"I've never seen a player like him," said Marc Cornstein, president of Pinnacle Management and Milicic's agent. "At his size and age, he's physically mature and he has great instinct for the game."

Twenty-four NBA scouts were on hand at one Global Games contest to watch Yugoslavian phenom Darko Milicic.

Milicic is just one of the many players from Yugoslavia that have caught the attention of scouts. His 6-11 frame is perfect for today's NBA "super forward" – a player with the shot-blocking ability of a center and the ball-handling skills of a point guard.
Milicic has been playing professionally in Yugoslavia for more than a year and displays the maturity to make the jump to the NBA. Although his June birthday prohibits him from declaring for the 2003 draft – a player must turn18 at least 45 days before the draft – there were 24 NBA scouts watching his first Global Games contest against Africa.

As imposing as his presence is on the court, Milicic is just as shy off of it. He keeps to himself and tries to concentrate more on his game than his fame.

"I don't like too much exposure," Milicic said through an interpreter. "I'm just trying to play well and keep a low profile. I put all of that stuff out of my head and concentrate on my game."

But the word is out.

The United States should provide Milicic with his greatest test. Fans will finally be able to put a face to this European enigma and determine for themselves if he is the real deal.

"For the NBA, he needs very little promotion from me," Cornstein said. "For overall fan acceptance, I have to do a little more, but I think his play on the court will speak for itself."

Briefly ...

The U.S. team is in its first gold medal game. It will be without Cedar Hill's Daniel Horton (12.3 ppg), who returned to summer school at Michigan. ... Kyle Wilson, who was originally scheduled to return to summer school at Illinois on Monday, decided to stay for the championship. ... Yugoslavia has reached the gold medal game in all three Global Games
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