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after the arrival of mcallister...and that the later has said he hasn't come to warm up the bench ...danny murphy's future appears very bleak and he;s decided to talk to GH to decide over his future..

he ahs jsut signed a new long term contract last year..

his future could be even more unsettled after the increasing rumours a big name midfielder is set to come...

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I honestly do not know where i stand oin the issue of should we keep Murphey or not. He is very inconsisitent and the problem is that he needs to start to make an impression. It seems that we have a packed midfield now with players suh as Berger, Redders, McAllister, Haaman, Thompson and Gerrad. If another guy comes in then i think that this will spell the end of his stay. He could be a very good buy for some one such as So'ton.
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