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Superliga summer transfers 2013, part two :

OB Odense : (finished 10 last season, but are now in 5th place)

26-yo Left back/midfielder, Ari Freyr Skúlason, Iceland 12 caps (GIF Sundsvall, 3-year contract, fee ? )
26-yo attacking midfielder/striker, Martin Spelmann (AC Horsens, 3-year contract, fee ? )
24-yo Box-to-box midfielder, Conor O'Brien, USA (FC Nordsjælland, 2-year contract,fee ?)
28-yo winger, Dusan Djuric, Sweden 8 caps (On loan from Valenciennes FC for the rest of this season)
25-yo striker, Mustafa Abdellaoue, Norway 3 caps (On loan from FC København for the rest of this season )
18-yo Left/centre back, Jacob Barrett Laursen,Den U20 NT (On loan from Juventus for the rest of this season)
24-yo striker, Jeppe Hansen (Næsby Boldklub, 1-year contract, fee ?)
19-yo goalkeeper, Casper Radza, Den U19 NT (own youth)

*21-yo defensive midfielder, Azer Busuladzic (signed to arrive from Vejle BK when his contract expire in the winter break)

51-yo Director of football, Jesper Hansen (AC Horsens, fee ?)
44-yo assistant coach, Joakim Mattsson, Sweden (Randers FC, free)

32-yo right back/utility midfielder, Michael Silberbauer, Den 24 caps, 1 goal (loan deal expired --> Young Boys)
23-yo striker, Marcus Pedersen, Norway, 3 caps (loan deal expired --> Vitesse --> Barnsley )
20-yo goalkeeper, Nicolai Jørgensen (Contract expired --> B93 )
20-yo left/right winger, Christian Sørensen (Contract expired --> Silkeborg IF)
20-yo striker, Hannes Anier, Estonia U21 NT (free transfer --> ?)

39-yo assistant coach, Thomas Helveg, Den 108 caps, 2 goals (Resigned --> ?)
42-yo chief analyst/assistant coach, Henrik Clausen (Resigned --> Denmark U18 NT coach)

Youth/reserve team:
17-yo striker/attacking midfielder, Simon Skrøder, Den U17 NT (Silkeborg IF )

19-yo left defender, Rune Corfitzen (free transfer --> Marienlyst )

Odense is traditionally one of the bigger clubs in the Superliga with good money to spend and they won 3 Danish Superliga Silver medals in a row and were playing Europa League group stage in 2010-11 and 2011-12 before the financial crisis finally had forced to make some serious budget cuts and to let players like Djemba-Djemba, Bernard Mendy, Peter Utaka, Roy Carroll and Djiby Fall go, not really being able to afford some proper replacements.... they also fired their coach and director of football around the same time, but did not really manage to find proper replacements, so that the loss of experienced players and leadership made them plunge to the bottom of the league table, where they now have finished 10 two year in a row,

So they have not really been able to go shopping, without also letting some expensive players go, so goodbye to Silberbauer and the Norwegian international Marcus Pedersen, so they could sign the left back they have been looking for and Martin Spelmann to add some power in midfield...

OB Odense have some great offensive players, the young very technically strong and creative striker Rasmus Rasmus Falk is one of the absolute top talents in the Superliga at the moment and the only reason he has not already moved abroad, is because was suddenly struck by a virus that kept him out for several month last season, suffering from fatigue which also made him quite the NT for a while... but now he is back at full strenght... another big talent is left winger Bashkim Kadrii, who unfortunately is injured at the moment, not to forget Emil Larsen who is also among the big talents in the league and was actually about to be sold to Brøndby this summer for around $1.5 million (which is his release clause), though the transfer was canceled.

However, defensively Odense have done rather poorly the past few years, especially in left back position, so they signed the Icelandic international Ari Freyr Skúlason this summer, but due to injuries in midfield, he has been playing there instead so far, which is why they signed Conor O'Brien to stabilize their central midfield, so that Skúlason also is able to reinforce the left back position as it was intended... otherwise they chose the last day of the transfer window to pick up Danish U20 NT Left/centre back Jacob Barrett Laursen on a 1-year loan from Juventus to add some depth to their defense and Norwegian international Mustafa Abdellaoue also on a 1-year loan, to add yet another striker, not to forget the Swedish winger Dusan Djuric who is on loan from Frence side Valenciennes FC... So they have been ablte to reinforce the team considerabely this summer, but mainly on loan deals, not to overspend... But OB Odense seem on the right track and could join the fight for league medals this season.

FCV Vikings (aka FCV or FC Vestsjælland) : (newly promoted, Finished 2nd in the NordicBet League, but are now in 6th place)

24-yo striker, Joël Tshibamba, Netherlands (Henan Jianye, 2-year contract, free)
32-yo winger/striker, Dennis Sørensen, Den 5 caps (Energie Cottbus, 2-year contract, free)
25-yo Left back, Michael Lumb, Den 2 caps (VfL Bochum, 2-year contract, free)
31-yo attacking midfielder, Jan Kristiansen, Den 11 caps (Brøndby IF, ½-year contract with an option to extend, free)
22-yo Right back, Oliver Lund (Akademisk Boldklub, 3-year contract, fee ?)
20-yo winger/striker, Marc Rochester, Den U20 NT (HB Køge, 3-year contract, free)
22-yo winger/striker, Marc Dal Hende (Akademisk Boldklub, 3-year contract, free)

41-yo Assistant coach, Michael Hansen (Skive IK, fee ?)

32-yo striker, Ansu Toure, Liberia, 6 caps (Contract expired --> ?)
28-yo Right/left winger, Casper Henningsen (Contract expired --> Brønshøj BK)
26-yo striker, Danni König (on loan until the winter break --> Brønshøj BK)
21-yo striker, Nicolas Sandberg, Sweden (on loan until the winter break --> Vendsyssel FF)
24-yo Right/central midfielder, Philip Rasmussen (Contract expired --> Lyngby BK)
23-yo Left back, Netan Sansara, England/India (free transfer --> Boston United )
23-yo Right back, Mads Heidelbach (Contract expired --> FC Helsingør )

*30-yo Right/left back, Michael Christensen (Contract expired --> ?)

I have already written extensively about FCV Vikings earlier in my first transfer update, but it is a team with a professional setup and a very rich investor to help them stay in the Superliga also working together with the highly experienced former AGF and Esbjerg manager Ove Pedersen, who is a real manager in the English sense of the word, and besides being an excellent tactician, he is great at developing youth players and there are no other coach in the Superliga who scout the lower levels of Danish football more extensively, so he do almost all the scouting himself. Tactically he has a defensive minded approach were they put up a good physical fight, though at times also keeping a high pressure, but he like his players to be able to adapt tactically, so he can change tactics as a match progress, all depending on how it is turning out, so he will probably start out with a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 lineup, and then change it to 4-5-1 ... 3-3-4 ... 4-2-4 or what ever he believe will do the job in the end...so when you look closer at the FCV squad, you will notice that he has mainly been signing experienced players who he has coached in the past at AGF, Esbjerg and FC Midtjylland, so that they know his tactical approach... and so far Michael Lumb has really impressed and in my opinion is the best left back in the Superliga so far this season.

The young talented players to watch out for is Danish U20 international Marc Rochester and the right back and the former youth international Oliver Lund. So FCV have made some excellent signings in my opinion, adding a mix of experience and highly talented youth to their team.

Besides the newly signed reinforcements, FCV also especially rely on the physically strong Romanian centre back Jean-Claude Bozga who was signed in the winter break and has had time to adapt, the experienced winger Søren Berg and Rasmus Festersen who unfortunatly now is injured, while the creative flavor is their Brazilian winger Thiago Pinto Borges... FCV Vikings is a team I expect will get better as this season progress, but they have already done better than expected.

Viborg FF: (newly promoted, Finished 1st in the NordicBet League, but are now in 7th place)

31-yo goalkeeper, Michal Peškovic, Slovakia (Ruch Chorzów, 1-year contract, free)
31-yo Left back, Christopher Poulsen, Den 2 caps (Silkeborg IF, 2-year contract, free)
26-yo centre back, Babajide “Jide” Ogunbiyi, USA (Vendsyssel FF, 2½-year contract, fee €67k, $88k)
20-yo central midfielder, Lukas Lerager, Den U21 NT (Akademisk Boldklub, 2½-year contract, fee undisclosed )
23-yo centre back, Jacob Egeris (on loan from FC Nordsjælland, 3-year contract, free)
23-yo right back, Kristoffer Pallesen (Hobro IK, 3-year contract, free)
22-yo Defensive midfielder, Marcel Rømer (HB Køge, 3-year contract, fee ?)
24-yo winger, Sebastian Andersen (Esbjerg fB, 1-year contract, free)

22-yo goalkeeper, Martin Hansen, Den U21 NT (Contract expired --> FC Nordsjælland )
30-yo attacking midfielder/striker, Razak Pimpong, Ghana 10 caps, 1 goal (free transfer --> Ringkøbing )
23-yo Striker, Tobias Perch-Nielsen (On loan until the winter break --> Hobro IK)
26-yo all-round defender, Jens-Kristian Sørensen (Contract expired --> Vendsyssel FF )
25-yo Left back, Kasper Stiller (Contract expired --> Jammerbugt FC )
21-yo central midfielder, Carlos Shiralipour (Contract expired --> ? )
20-yo centre back, Mads Lauritsen (Contract expired --> Thisted FC )
20-yo midfielder, Mathias Gertsen (free transfer --> Skive IK )


Viborg FF do not have the same kind of money to spend as any of the other teams in the league, so they mainbly rely on their very tactically clever head coach Ove Christensen who was voted 'manager of the year' 2010 in Denmark, when he was hired by Randers in mid season for a "mission impossible", but against all odds saved them from relegation in the Superliga, so he is the right kind of coach for this kind of mission, though on paper Viborg FF are still going to be the absolute favorite to suffer relegation...

Their absolute biggest loss in this transfer window is the U21 NT goalkeeper Martin Hansen and then the experienced former Ghana international Razak Pimpong, but he was already regarded to be over the hill. It also looked like they were not going to be able to reinforce their team in time, but on the very day the Superliga kicked off, they suddenly signed 3 reinforcements... the Slovakian goalkeeper Michal Peškovic, the very physically strong American centre back, Babajide “Jide” Ogunbiyi who has been a great success in the Danish 1. Division and the Danish U21 international Lukas Lerager. They used the last day of the transfer window to sign the young talented defensive midfielder Marcel Rømer and the winger Sebastian Andersen from Esbjerg... and their "Star" player is the 1. Division topscorer from last season Thomas Dalgaard. So Obviously they are mainly very good 1. Division players, or fringe Superliga players who are not really experienced at Superliga level, but tactically Ove Christensen will try to make the best of it and they have come off to an excellent start. Tactically and defensively they will do well, but their main problem is going to be the higher pace and how to get as many set pieces as possible, if they are to score the needed goals, because they are hardly going to be much of a threat in open play, so they are going to struggle at the bottom half of the table and I predict that they are also going to suffer relegation in the end.

Randers FC: (Bronze medalists last season, but are now in 8th place)

28-yo striker, Baye Djiby Fall, Senegal 2 caps (SpVgg Greuther Fürth, 2-year contract, free)
24-yo goalkeeper, Mikkel Andersen (Reading, on a 1-year loan deal)
22-yo attacking midfielder/striker, Viktor Lundberg, Sweden (AIK Stockholm, fee ? )
23-yo winger, Martin svensson (Silkeborg IF, free )
30-yo centre back, Mads Agesen (AC Horsens, 3-year contract, free)

*25-yo winger, Kasper Fisker (Hobro IK, to join Randers on a 2-year contract in the winter break, free )

38-yo First Team Coach/assistant manager, Thomas Thomasberg (FC Fredericia, free)

28-yo goalkeeper, David Ousted (Contract expired --> Vancouver Whitecaps)
27-yo striker, Charlie Davies, USA 17 caps, 4 goals (on loan until the winter break --> New England Revolution)
29-yo striker, Pierre Boya, Cameroon 4 caps, 1 goal (Contract expired --> ?)
34-yo centre back/midfielder, Remco van der Schaaf, Holland (Contract expired --> ?)
23-yo Left winger, Oliver Feldballe (Contract expired --> SC Cambuur)
23-yo centre back, Elfar Freyr Helgason, Iceland 1 cap (Contract expired --> Breiðablik UBK)
30-yo centre back, Anders Egholm (Contract expired --> Hobro )
20-yo Attacking midfielder/left winger, Christopher Geertsen (Contract expired --> FC Fredericia)
27-yo central midfielder, Rasmus Hansen (on loan for the rest of this season --> Vejle BK)

44-yo First Team Coach/assistant manager, Joakim Mattsson, Sweden (Contract expired --> OB Odense)

Youth/reserve team:

23-yo right back, Gökhan Tokay (contract expired --> Brabrand IF )

It has been a rather uneventful transfer window for Randers. The players who have left were nowhere near a starting 11 and should only be considered as a loss of depth, though some of them were good experienced players. On the other hand, the only real prominent signing is obviously Baye Djiby Fall, a big strong target man who has already proven his worth in the Superliga for Randers and OB Odense in the past, so he is quite clearly an upgade, but he was signed on the last day of the transfer window, so I'm not sure how match fit he is at this point in time... In any case, Randers strongly believe in their team and head coach Colin Todd and so they were surely hoping that it would be easier to defend their Bronze medals from last season, if they did not make all too many changes, so they really did not feel the need of signing more reinforcements, Still, it has been a fairly disappointing start for them, so perhaps they will learn that it is going to be difficult to stay in top-6 this season.

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Yeah, pretty ruff being a Copenhagen supporter this season. A lot has to change next year. Pretty sure this season is done for us, except for the cup.
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