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He was shit in the Russian competition though. HE was only any good for CSKA during the UEFA.
Absolute bullshit, he was our best player in 2005 in the league, first foreign player to won the Russian Player of the year title. He played very good also in 2006 but he got problems with knee near the end of the year and they'd continue through all the 2007 year (surgery in April).
He have returned for few matches in the end of 2007 and showed that he is still great technically, but his physical form was bad and he didn't recover until today, having a couple of minor injuries which hammer all his possible progress.
He is being loaned to Internacional till the end of the year, definitely not for the remainder of the contract which he have renewed till the end of 2010. We hope that he will regain his form at home with wife and child and will return to be great again.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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