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it is sad to see hagi leave this way, but we must be realistic, romania had nothing to lose compared to the italians....i am proud of romania and their efforts. i have enjoyed watching chivu playing great attacking game and mutu looking like he is going to have a good future. petre is very small, but he has speed to cause problems for any defence. rosu was normal when he came in. the one person i really started to hate in the romanian squad was galca. imo, he took too many pointless shots....i think there were only 5 overall in the tourniment by him and i was just shocked the unrelevance of him in the romanian strategic play. he didnt show anything special to be impressed about. the commentator said that lazio and fiorentina are after galca, and i dont believe the italian champions want to bring him to replace the great almeyda. IF he joins, he would be 3rd string midfielder...i rather have baronio, simeone and even sensini in there. i know im kind of hard on him, but if he plays like that alot, then he isnt going any top italian team.

on the topic of refs, i am tired of seeing the less popular teams get booked and suspended for stupid reasons. let me just ask you if raul, davids, inzaghi did that, would they get the same treatment?

davids was going crazy on the referee in the game against france and he only got a yellow...he deserved a red for all his bitching!

hagi, didnt get the penalty, but the ref actually decided to stop the match just to book hagi in that kind of situation. it is unbelievable!!! if it was someone like inzaghi or raul, the ref would just say it wasnt a foul and thats it, but he didnt do that with hagi. he decided to give him the red because of it.

there is no consistency! because of that, teams like romania suffered because of lack of depth the in squad

everyone must be treated the same. the name of the player should not matter.

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