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Dalmat wants Inter shirt Wednesday 26 June, 2002


Inter¡¦s Stephane Dalmat has warned Coach Hector Cuper that he has no interest in being a bit part player this term.

The French midfielder had a mixed campaign the last time around when injury and a lack of form didn¡¦t see him feature all that regularly.

But the former Paris SG man is keen to become a permanent fixture in the Nerazzurri line-up.

"I have no desire to play once in every five games. I want to be a regular and demonstrate to the boss that I can be of service to the side. My priority is to stay here and have a great campaign," he said.

"I don¡¦t want to spend the whole season sitting on the bench even if I don¡¦t want guarantees that I will always play. I just want my chance to give my very best. Giving just 15 minutes in a game doesn¡¦t interest me."

Dalmat also maintained that he had no desire in being played out of position on the left-hand side of midfield.

"I can play behind the strikers or with someone else just in front of the defence. I can attack and defend. But I already know that I will not play on the wings anymore, I am a central midfielder," he continued.

"There are five, six or seven of us for just two places but I am a kind of player that needs to be believed in."

Dalmat joined Inter in January 2001 thanks to former boss Marco Tardelli.

"It is a strange feeling for me to be at the same team for three seasons," he added. "Usually I would always leave for a new experience after just one campaign but I want to stay here because I love it."

The 23-year-old has had previous spells at Chateauroux, Lens and Marseille.

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For sure he should be in the starting lineup,I think he is ready.But I dont like the way he talks,we know he will be a superstar but he must stay humble and be ready when Cuper needs him,be ready to be a first team player as well as be ready to the last 5 minutes of the match,he talks with a lot of ego and quite frankly I dont like it!

As for where he play next season,I dont know why he says he will surely not gonna play on the wings,I dont know it Cuper told him or again,he just dont wanna play on the wings.I'd like him to play on the wings actually with his explosive acceleration and ability to take on defenders.He is my no.1 choice in right wing if we dont buy anyone there this season.


Dalmat,Inter is now a team,not a bunch of egoistic superstars anymore!So if u're "not interested of playing 15 minutes" then I suggest u to get the"F" out!

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