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LM Auturo Alvarez(dallas)...He can do da elestico and is a fine dribbler. This guy has better ball skillz than beaz and has da potential to explode!

Center half Chad Marshall(Crew)...he is da next and better version of Alaxi lalas!

LM Justin Mapp(Fire) He has da talent to become a star...da next Pires..but has 0 sawker commitment :thmbdown:

Capano(fire) A better version of Reyna?

Santino Quarnta...He has dat Totti game..but he does not devote himself to sawker and is always on da injury list...will he have a breakout yr?

Danny Szetela(Crew) He has da vision , decent dribbler , toughness n da wicked foot to dominate a midfield.......?

Chad Barret..nice dribbler and has a nose for goal?

Sum of these playas will have a breakout yr this yr!!
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