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Curcija to Partizan....

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Top NSL scorer Michael Curcija from South Melbourne might be going to Partizan next season,I heard this on Serb radio....he said he is going to Partizan for try outs...he is young and good...

I think he'll get the spot in Partizan, what do u think...
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If he does go to Partizan he will be on bench!!!
very ineresting news, he is still quite young.
I havent seen much of South Melbourne this year, so I wouldnt know how good this guy is. But if he's a top scorer in the NSL, whats to say that he wouldnt be a good player in our league, since it is pretty **** too....
I agree with you Otago...Even though the Aussie league isn't that good...i feel that Jug league ain't a whole lot better.

I have to say I think that if Curcija goes to Partizan it will be a good move. Remember Viduka, he was leading Goal scorer in the Aussie league....he went and played for Zagreb and now in Celtic. Curcija might do the same thing.

Good luck to him and i hope he does well.
I absolutely don't agree that our league isn't better..

Our league is probably crap compared to most of other European ones, but it is way better than the Aussie league and I am convinced Zvezda would have an even easier run through the Aussie than Yugo league..
The way some teams play here in Australia is sad.. :) :)
I would say the Yugo League is only slightly better than the NSL(with the exeption of Zvezda and Partizan). With all the AFL frenzy in Victoria, I dont know if you've been able to see alot of the NSL, but it not so bad :)...
Correction.....I didn't mean Curcija is gonna go to Zagreb then Celtic, I meant first go and get some experience in Europe ie Partizan and then go on to bigger and better clubs.

Nobody said that Aussie league is better. I am convinced that Zvezda & Partizan would run riot in the NSL but what about all the other Jugo teams? I think some of the Aussie teams would give them a good run for their money. :D

That wasn't the point i was trying to make. Stojkovic said Curcija would be sitting on the bench in Partizan. I don't think he will. I think people will be impressed.

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My opinion is that Zvezda, Partizan and even Obilic would win in the aussie league comfortably, and that Sutjeska and Rad would be serious contenders for the title..
But as said, I guess that isn't the point of this discussion, and when it comes to Curcija, we'll all have to wait and see...
And, Otago, I assure you, I don't follow the AFL.. :) :)
true...anyway, as I said before, I havent seen this guy play, but I do hope he's Good! :)
Curcija has signed a 2 year contract with Pertizan!!!

....I think he will be a good signing...he is only 23yrs old anyway....I wish he came to Red Star...he said that he was going for Partizan all his life so thats why he came to Partizan...

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sorry mate for not replaing soon...well i read that in the Serb voice 'Srpski glas'

btw my name is not Vlade, it's Vlatko...
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