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I´m sorry i don´t want to offend anyone but i can´t hear this stuff, of our boys are tired or something like that.

Now it really shows what Hector Cuper is capable of.

Before this week we could have easily won two titles, the first if we played our full squad against Feyenoord, and the second by winning against Atalanta at home.

Now after this week we´re about to lose these two important titles

We should have played all players in the first leg against Feyenoord and we should play them in the return leg too.

In every damn league in Europe the star players would play in THE SEMI FINALS OF AN EUROPEAN CUP, and we say oh they are too injury prone and very sensitive and they shouldn´t play more than 90 minutes a week.

I know the scudetto is very important, but we have seen it yesterday our star players played and they sucked nearly all, so what helped us their rest against feyenoord??

A great ****ing nothing.

So lets be more brave, let these star players play this Feyenoord game, it would be one more they won´t die from it.

And then if we get past Feyenoord what will be difficult enough we can get a huge blast and motivation for the rest of the Serie A, too.

This week will show if Cuper is a great coach or only a good coach, last week he did mistakes IMO, like resting players or the
Guly-thing in the Atalanta match.

I hope he will get his name out of his loser image at Inter, because if we lose the titles now, this loser image will never be taken of the name Hector Cuper.

Yes he did good things until now but i hope he will not thrash his achievements himself by making mistakes in the final games of this season.

I also want you to remember that every team gots his crisis in a season, a period of bad results, we didn´t really have any until now, i hope it won´t happen now at the last days, cause that would kick our ass.

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i don't think we are in a very dangerous situation...all we have to do is to play better football and try to win games...we can't think of roma/juventus and their results too much...we have to concentrate in our games...i don't know how much we want to win the scudetto...but i think if we play our reserves in the feyenoord game, we'll lose and disqualify...if we play vieri and other starters, we might still have a chance to win...i want to see the team qualify and win...but i don't think it's worth the risk to play our starters at all...

i don't know...but if we win the scudetto, then it'll be alright if we lose the UEFA cup...
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