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Crowdless game for Hapoel Tel Aviv

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Hapoel were fined in 30,000 NIS and a crowdless radius game following the trophit that hit the referee on saturday, the crowdless game at Bloomfield will be in a week time against Maccabi Netanya.
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The game will not be held in Bloomfield but in a neutral field.
Beitar, on the other hand, only got 15,000 NIS fine and a provosional (al tnai) match on a neutral field for doing the same thing (a bottle hit the linesman). Is this a joke or what?
So it's not a crowdless game, more like 'away from home'. :)

I have to agree with you Yoav, it does seem weird. Apparently the difference is that the incident at Bloomfield created a lot of attention as the referee fainted and game was almost abandoned while the incident at Teddy didn't attract a lot of attention at all...it shouldn't be like this though but this is our FA....
Seeing what Haifa got after the championship game incident nothing surprises me anymore....
Hapoel gonna get a second crowdless game?

They had one on trial.

After thwoing the flare today police made some arrests. So they gonna get another one?

:confused: :confused:
It's not a crowdless game, it's a "radius" game.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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