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Well it finally dawned on me that Croatia have a tough group. It will be hell just to get out of the Group phase alone now that we are missing Tudor and we will probably pick up an injury in the training camp in Austria the way things are going, but one must look on the bright side so I want your opinions on the teams after we pass or if we pass Group G.

First off lets look at Group D our Second round opponents.

M)Winner of Group G plays Runner up of Group D

P)Winner of Group D plays runner up of group G

Well say we win Group G then my prediction is Poland will be second and I believe we would beat them. But Korea could use the home advantage to the best of its capabilities.

If we're second then we would play the powerhouse Portugal with Figo and that could go anyway but when we fielded the bench team against them in Euro96 we lost 3-0.


Winner of M above would play the winner of I which is the winner of Group E vs runner up of Group B

Group E
Saudi Arabia

Group B
South Africa

Winner Of P would play winner of L

L is winner of Group B vs. runner up of Group E

Cant do rest getting confused but with a healthy squad we look good until the Quarters at least.

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I think luck will play a big part in terms of who we might play if we can get out of the group. I don't mean to sound negative or anything but the main aim should just be to qualify for the last 16 and then look at what the situation is and not just assume we will be there.

But if we have to play Portugal then it will be really hard. I am not saying we can't win but Portugal have a very good team that is capable of winning the tounament I reckon.
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