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Croatians in Europe

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Marko Babic scored for his Leverkusen today vs Dortmund :) 13 mins from the end and secured 1 point for his team, the game ended 2:2.
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He did not play in thier last match so I have no idea. He was a huge loss for us he is an excellent defensive midfielder who passes very well. Im glad he found a club where he gets to start every game becuase when he was at Leverkusen the only gave him about 20 minutes off the bench at most.
Do you think Vranjes should be in Croatia's starting 11? I think that he might be on the bench if we decide to play Leko, who plays a similar role. We do have a lot of options in the middle with Vranjes, Leko, Kranjcar, Srna, Rapajic, Niko Kovac, Rosso, and Babic. Tudor can also play in the middle.

I really don't know what our best midfiled combination is.
Champions League
Silvio Maric PAO - Played the full match and had a great chance to give PAO the lead only a few minutes before the Forlan goal. His team lost 1-0 to Manchester United

Goran Vlaovic PAO - Came on in the 75th minute but didn't do much. Lost 1-0 to ManU.

Zvonimir Soldo Stuttgart - Played the full match in his teams 1-0 win over Rangers.

Jurica Vranjes Stuttgart - Injured and was not in the matchday squad.

Vedran Runje Marseille - Conceaded two goals to Beckham and Ronaldo as his side lose to Real Madrid 2-1.

Mario Stanic Chelsea - Not in the matchday sqaud as Chelsea and Sparta Prague draw 0-0.

Tomislav Butina Club Brugge - Was on the bench but did not come on. Club Brugge had a late goal to get a draw with Celta 1-1.

Dario Simic AC Milan - On the bench but did not come on. AC Milan beat Ajax 1-0.
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Basic you are correct we have a lot of potential in the midfield but putting the best 4-5 guys in there is really tough because they are all almost similair in thier abilities, only Kranjcar looks like he can be the great creative mid we need, and possibly Leko but more the in the mold of an Asanovic(passing wise) instead of a Boban(scoring wise), although what we really need is a mix of Boban and Prosinecki;)
I prefer Jerko Leko over Vranjes,

And I agree with you guys, Kranjcar is the only one with great offensive qualities the other guys are similar and are more defensive. Thats why I want to see Kranjcar in a starting position for the NT, it really looked like we needed him vs Slovenija coz the attackers dont get any quality balls to work with from our midfield as it looks now.
Bjelanovic was sent off in the 1-1 draw with Palermo. Palermo are currently on top of Serie B and look like to get promotion to Serie A along with Atalanta where Budan plays.
Saturday Matches
Robert Kovac Bayern Munich - Played the full 90 minutes in Bayern Munich's 2-2 draw with bottom of the table club Cologne.

Marko Babic Leverkusen - Came on in the 55th minute and got booked two minutes later. He got the assist on Lucio's goal late in the game. :) Leverkusen earned a 2-2 draw with TSV Munich.

Jurica Puljiz Eintracht Frankfurt - Came on in the 80th minute to help keep the lead. Frankfurt beat Wolfsburg 3-2.

Marino Biliskov Wolfsburg - Played 80 minutes in Wolfsburg's 3-2 loss to Frankfurt.

Ivan Klasnic Werder Bremen - Played 72 minutes and didn't really do much as the game had only a few chances for both sides. Werder Bremen and Hamburg played to a 1-1 draw.

Zvonimir Soldo Sttutgart - Played the full 90 minutes and had a good chance to score early in the match. Sttutgart played to a 0-0 draw against Bochum.

Jurica Vranjes Sttutgart - He came back from his injury and played the full match in the 0-0 draw against Bochum.

Igor Tudor Juventus - Was on the bench but did not come on in the derby loss to Inter Milan. :greed: Juve lost 3-1.

Dado Prso Monaco - Played the full match in Monaco's 1-0 win over Nantes.

Boris Zivkovic Portsmouth - Played the full match in Pompey's 2-0 loss to Liecester. He was partly responsible for the second goal as his foul just outside the box caused a free kick goal from Ferdinand.
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Miki Rapaic Ancona - played 45 minutes in a friendly match vs Borgo Buggianese and scored 3 goals, Ancona won the game with 13:0
Sunday Matches
Dario Simic AC Milan - Came on in the 40th minute for Cafu. Why does Milan keep starting Cafu when he only plays about 45 minutes a game? Milan beat Modena 2-0.

Anthony Seric Parma - Was not in the matchday squad as Parma easily beat Chievo 3-1.

Milan Rapaic Ancona - Was not in the matchday squad as Ancona lose once again to Sampdoria 2-0.

Niko Kovac Hertha Berlin - Suspended for picking up too many yellow cards in the Bundesliga.

Josip Simunic Hertha Berlin - Not in the matchday squad in Hertha's 3-1 loss to Schalke 04.

Mario Stanic Chelsea - Not in the matchday squad as Chelsea beat rivals ManU 1-0.

Other leagues Mladen Petric scored for Grasshoppers in thier 3-3 draw with Young Boys Bern.
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Balaban demands Villa pay-off

Outcast striker Bosko Balaban has warned Aston Villa that he will only quit the club if he receives an acceptable pay-off package.

Villa are trying to thrash out a deal with the Croatian international to terminate his nightmare spell in Birmingham.

Balaban joined Villa for nearly £6million in the summer of 2001 from Croatia Zagreb and has still to start a Barclaycard Premiership game.

He said: 'If Villa make a deal and it is good for Villa and good for me then, of course, I will be going because that will be the best option for me. If not, then I will stay.

'I have an appointment with the chairman, but that is all it is at the moment. I cannot say yet whether I will be staying or going. Nothing is decided. All I have done is have a conversation with the chairman.

'There are still a lot of things to be decided. I don't yet know my situation. We will see. It is very strange for this club to treat me like they do.

'It has been a nightmare two years. I signed for five years when I arrived and I have spent two years in the stand.'
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I hope he gets out and returns to Dinamo, I believe if he wants and only concentrates on soccer he can bring back his old form.
here this is probably better than mine and plus it has a few more players. Miljenko Mumlek scored which is good aswell and I heard he has been playing well for his club in Belgium...should he get a call up to the NT?

Butina Tomo (Club Brugge)
Tomo je bio na klupi dok je Club porazio Moeskroen 4-2.

Pletikosa Stipe (Shakter Donetsk)
Shakter nije igrao.

Runje Vedran (Marseille)
Vedran je prozivio nesretno kolo protiv Paris Saint Germain. Tijekom cijele tekme nije imao previse posla, ali u zadnjoj minuti pucao je Pauleta i Vedran je obranio. Lopta se stvorila pred nogama Fioresea koji je spremio loptu u gol. To je bio jedini gol tekme.

Biliskov Marino (Wolfsburg)
Wolfburg je porazen od Frankfurta 3-2 a Marino je lose ocjenjen u 80 minuta koje je proveo na terenu.

Biscan Igor (Liverpool)
Igor je odradio svoj posao solidno protiv Birmingham Citya. Liverpool je slavio 3-1.

Kovac Robert (Bayern)
Robert je lose ocjenjen protiv Kolna. Bayern je igrao 2-2 i ova predstava je najlosija od 12 nastupa Roberta do sada ove sezone.

Seric Anthony (Parma)
Anthony nije igrao protiv Chieva. Parma je pobijedila 3-1.

Simic Dario (Milan)
Dario je usao na teren u 41 minuti za Cafu. Shevchenko je solidno porazio Modenu 2-0.

Simunic Joe (Hertha)
Joe nije bio u sastavu koji je izgubio od Schalke 04 3-1.

Tomas Stjepan (Fenerbahce)
Stjepan je igrao cijelu tekmu protiv Besiktasa. Van Hooydonk je zabio dvaput za Fener, ali Besiktas je uspio izjednaciti do kraja.

Tudor Igor (Juventus)
Igor je bio na klupi za vrijeme poraza protiv Intera 3-1.

Zivkovic Boris (Portsmouth)
Borisov Portsmouth opet gubi. Leicester City je bio bolji i slavio 2-0, Boris je igrao cijelu utakmicu.

Babic Marko (Leverkusen)
Marko je usao u 55 minuti kada je Leverkusen gubio 1-0. Solidno je igrao svoje minute i u 78 dodao je loptu Luciju koji je primio i pucao na gol za konacni rezultat 2-2.

Kovac Niko (Hertha)
Niko nije bio u sastavu protiv Schalke.

Leko Ivan (Malaga)
Ivan je konacno dobio priliku igrati. Zamijenio je Manua u 57 minuti ali protiv Atletica iz Madrida Malaga nije imala sansu. 2-0 za Atletico.

Leko Jerko (Dinamo Kiev)
Nije se igralo u Ukrajini.

Mumlek Miljenko (Standard Liege)
Miljenko je zabio slodbodni udarac za jedan bod svojeg Standarda. Poslije gola u 77 minuti je zamijenjen a golom je uspio izvuci bod protiv Heusden Zolder.

Rapaic Milan (Ancona)
Milan nije bio u kombinaciji za tekmu protiv Sampdorije. Njegove kolege su porazeni 2-0.

Soldo Zvonimir (Stuttgart)
Zvone je odigrao odlicnu tekmu i dobio epitet igraca utakmice. Protiv Bochuma je igrao 0-0 a svojom kontrolom u obrani Stuttgarta donio je sigurnost svojim suigracima.

Srna Dario (Shakter Donetsk)
U Ukrajini se nije igralo.

Vranjes Jurica (Stuttgart)
Jurica se vratio od ozljede i to u velikom stilu. Odigrao je dobru tekmu, dijelio je lopte na sredini terena i pomagao napadu. Ovo nije bilo dovoljno za pobjedu, 0-0 je bio rezultat s Bochumom.

Klasnic Ivan (Werder Bremen)
Ivan je igrao ispod svog nivo-a protiv Hamburgera i zato dobio losu ocjenu za ovo kolo. U 72 minuti je Charisteas za njega usao a Werder je uspio remizirati zahvaljujuci odlicnom Ernstu.

Mornar Ivica (Anderlecht)
Ivica nije igrao u pobjedi nad Lierse 2-1.

Petric Mladen (Grasshoppers)
Mladen je dao gol protiv BSC Young Boys. Zamijenjen je u 76 minuti, Grasshoppers je izvukao bod (3-3).

Prso Dado (Monaco)
Dado je napokon odigrao cijeli susret skupa sa Morientesom. U 74 minuti je Bernardi dao jedini gol tekme za pobjedu Monaca.

Sokota Tomislav (Benfica)
Tomo je igrao do 77 minute protiv Rio Ave, ali nije uspio zabiti gol unatoc velikim sansama. Benfica jest pobijedila 2-0.
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Today were some cup competions around Europe.

Marko Babic played the first half for Leverkusen in thier embarassing 3-2 loss to Hoffenheim a team who plays in the lower leagues in Germany.

Soldo played the full match and picked up a yellow card in Stuttgart's 4-2 cup loss to Monchengladbach.

Listened to the Pompey match. They played local rivals Southampton in the Carling Cup and Zivkovic played the full match. Thought he played well, passed well and solid defending but the rest of the team were horrible. Southampton won 2-0 in a boring match with few chances for either sides.

Igor Tudor played the full match in Juve's 2-0 loss to Galatasary.
Klasnic scored two goals in Werder Bremen's easy 6-1 cup win again Hertha Berlin.

Robert Kovac played the full 90 minutes in Bayern's 3-0 win over Hamburg.

Simunic did not play for Hertha, Niko Kovac picked up a yellow card and was subbed off in the 54th minute in Hertha's 6-1 loss to Bremen.

Mario Stanic came on in the 72nd minute in Chelsea's 1-0 win over first division side Reading.

Igor Biscan played the full match against Bolton. Liverpool lost the match 3-2.
Klasnic :) hope he can conitinue like this :) Than we will have alot of alternatives for the second striker spot next to Prso
Robert Kovac Bayern Munich - Played 72 minutes in the Bayern Munich 1-1 draw with Werder Bremen.

Ivan Klasnic Werder Bremen - Played the full match, won the penalty which led to the only goal for Bremen. The match ended in a 1-1 draw with Bayern.

Jurica Vranjes Stuttgart - Played 72 minutes in the Stuttgart 0-0 draw with Hamburg and they are still on top of the table.

Zvonimir Solod Stuttgart - Played the full match and picked up a yellow card in the 79th minute in the 0-0 draw with Hamburg.

Josip Simunic Hertha Berlin - Was not in the matchday squad. Hertha Berlin had a 1-1 draw with Dortmund.

Niko Kovac Hertha Berlin - Played the full match and picked up a yellow card in the 29th minute. Played well, created two great scoring chances at the end of the match but the Hertha strikers failed to score. He was the "leader" for the Hertha midfield and maybe one of the best player for the Berliners.

Dario Simic AC Milan - Was on the bench but did not come on in the 1-0 win over Empoli.

Igor Tudor Juventus - After a poor game in the champions league, he wasn't in the matchday squad for Juve as they lose 2-0 to Lazio.

Igor Biscan Liverpool - Played the full match and did very well against Newcastle. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Boris Zivkovic Portsmouth - Played the full 90 minutes in the boring 0-0 draw with Boro as Pompey continue to struggle.

*In other leagues Ivica Mornar scored the only goal in the 1-0 win over Racing Genk. The goal was scored right at halftime. Also Giovanni Rosso scored in Haifa's 4-0 win over Netanya.
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SUNDAY MATCHES (not much action today from our players)
Milan Rapaic Ancona - Was not in the matchday squad for Ancona as they lose to Bologna 3-2. Lot of good goals in the match, the best was by Macedonian Pandev.

Anthony Seric Parma - Was on the bench but did not come on as Parma beat Lecce 2-1.

Marko Babic Leverkusen - Was suspended for the match becuase of too many yellow cards. Leverkusen were held to a 0-0 draw with last place club Cologne.
Zvonimir Soldo Stuttgart - Played the full match in the 2-0 loss to Manchester United.

Jurica Vranjes Stuttgart - Was subbed off at the half, had a good chance to score at the end of the half. He did well to get in the box but the shot was wide. Stuttgart lost 2-0 to ManU.

Silvio Maric PAO - Was suspended for the match against Rangers for picking up too many yellow cards.

Goran Vlaovic PAO - Came on in the 79th minute for the injured Sapanis. PAO easily beat Rangers 3-1.

Vedran Runje Marseille - Played the full match and was lucky that Partizan didn't put 5-6 past him, they had many great chances. Marseille tied with Partizan 1-1.

Mario Stanic Chelsea - Was on the bench but didn't come on in Chelsea's 2-0 over Besikitas.

Tomislav Butina Club Brugge - Butina to Dinamo Zagreb on loan?? Well he isn't playing for the club as they beat Ajax 2-1!! :D (hate ajax)

Dario Simic AC Milan - Played the full match in Celta Vigo's 2-1 win over AC Milan. Simic played very well in the first half but in the second half the whole team did poorly.

Tommorow Robert Kovac, Ivica Mornar, Goran Sablic, Jerko Leko, Dado Prso, Igor Tudor teams all play.
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A small correction here DC, I watched the Marsielle - Partizan game, and Runje didnt play he was on the bench :eek: I have no idea why though.
Oh sorry about that, on UEFA.com they had Runje as the starter. Thanks for fixing that Zagabria! :)
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